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The Groove Thief reviews Dub-I's "Creation"

The Groove Thief reviews Dub-I's "Creation"
"Interweaving old with new, Dub-I mixes thick funky baselines with a sea of sounds and effects on Creation. In opening, “Black and Beat” sums up the artist’s mission with a well-chosen vocal sample: “strictly roots and culture vibes … in a different style and pattern.” 

Balancing heavy and light, tracks like “First Dub” and “BC Dub” venture out into space before being reigned in by a heavy groove. “Satta Dub” allows synths and digital blips to dominate the soundscape, with drums and bass merely holding the rhythm together. “Revolution” bows to the dominating low-end, yet still allows echoing drums and a dub siren to enter the bass haze. 

These are not epic sprawling dubs, all clocking in at four minutes or less, yet neither are they simple beat experiments. Even the bonus tunes are full of teasing layers: “Weed War” journeys to a galaxy far, far away; “2409” is a blaxploitation sample away from being pimp-dub; while closer “Plantation” is a cleanly produced digital dub dirge from Dub-I + 25parsec = Fire Salad.

This is the first release from a new netlabel, Dubophonic, based in Cyprus and focusing on the whole of the dub spectrum - definitely a strong start." - reviewed by The Groove Thief

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