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New release from Zion Dirty Sound

Zion Dirty Sound are about to release a special EP with reworks and dubs of their "Celebrity Fever" riddim. Originally released on their 2013 "Fils d' Abraham" LP, the french duo will present nine different cuts of that riddim. Among these cuts, will be two adaptations by Jazzmin Tutum and Haji Mike ina dub poetry style, four vocal cuts by Zion Dirty Sound, Afro D, Erika Crymson and Master See and three dubs by Nadoo, Peter Chaves ft Michael Melody pon di melodica and Murjah Warriors pon di mandolin.

Every tune is produced in its own creative process and has its own special background story. Master See's nyabinghi version for example is a tribute to all African women, all about rising up and making a stand. Haji Mike's adaptation on the other hand, is deeply inspired by the austerity policy of the European Union and the results such measures have on the everyday life of the people, especially in the countries of south Europe (we have all followed the pain and suffering of the Greek people). "Life inna bailhouse no sweet" - read the background story of the tune!

We hope you enjoy these first previews. If you want to be the first to download it you can always join our facebook event page or even better, subscribe to our mailing list and receive them on your email before the official release, including other "goodies".

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