Sax N Dub & Madi Simmons - Working For a Brighter Day

Sax N Dub & Madi Simmons - Working For A Brighter Day  / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2022
Multi instrumentalist and producer Sax N Dub from Montevideo Uruguay has been playing on the sound system scene with his own productions and international collaborations since 2014, with participation in may international festivals. With more than 20 publications on cd, digital and vinyl and numerous collaborations on diverse labels, he returns with his new single Working For A Brighter Day, teaming up this time with long time family artist Madi Simmons on the vocals.

Hailing from USA, Madi Simmons is no stranger on our label. He appeared on many releases on our label, collaborating with Culture Horn, Dubsynaticx and Red Star Martyrs and has been awarded in 2018 Best Male Independent Reggae Recording Artist and Best Album Of The Year (for I Am A Rootsman)

Focusing now on the new single, Working For A Brighter Day is presented in two versions: the vocal track with Madi demonstrating his ability to feel comfortable to perform on any riddim and enjoying not following the rules of reggae music (whatever they are) and the instrumental version, with the sax talking over the mix, a trademark of Sax N Dub! 

Showcased on Culture Dub Radio Show / Radio Pulsar
Working For A Brighter Dub on Sounds Of The Caribbean

Dub Cmd & Sistasara - Follow The Bassline (dubplate cut) [DUBR-701]

Dub Cmd & Sistasara - Follow The Bassline 9dubplate cut) / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2022
Being the most prolific producer of 2020, Dub Cmd has released for digital download two years ago the killer stepper tune Follow The Bassline, ft. Sistasara on the vocals.

We have been long planning to press the tune on vinyl and finally the time is ripe to drop it on a special edition 7 inch vinyl. It is pressed on a limited run of 30 copies and it includes a special 2022 dubplate cut of the original tune and the obligatory version on the b side

A1. Sistasara - Follow The Bassline (dubplate cut)
A2. Dub Cmd - Version


➡️From Bandcamp:

➡️Directly from us by sending us an email at with your details. We will then calculate the exact postage and ask you to proceed with the paypal payment.

➡️We will include with your order a couple of stickers with the logo of the label, as well as a free download code of the original release of 2020, which has all ingredients that trademarked the heavyweight dub style of Dub Cmd: inspiring vocals, heavy basslines and deep steppa grooves.  Only 30 copies, so don't miss it! ❤️ 


Stefanosis - Kali Yuga [DUB054]

Stefanosis - Kali Yuga / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2022
Stefanosis, the Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist/producer, who has been crafting his musical art for over two decades, returns with a new single entitled Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga is a concept in Hinduism that says we're now in the fourth cycle/age of existence, which is the most difficult one. It is the age of darkness and despair among humanity and across the entire Earth, when chaos, confusion, and hypocrisy reigns. This is the age of conflicts and we see it every day through wars and brutality. Spiritually, the civilization degenerates, as people drift farther and farther from the Divine.
Kali Yuga is a stepper style reggae song with apocalyptic theme lyrics. It is presented in two versions: the original vocal composition and the obligatory dub version.
The unmistakable sound of Stefanosis is also in this release present, were roots reggae fuses with eastern melodies and philosophies!

Showcased on R&D Vibes
Pete Cogle plays Yuga Dub on The Dub Zone
Played on High Times
Played by Riddim Operator
Recommended by Riddim World
Played on Radio Excaliber (Greece)
Reggae Fresh recommends Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga
on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
Recommended by Reggae Revellers

I-niverse ft. Leo Tan & Amelia Harmony - Jah Grace Riddim [DUB053]

I-niverse ft. Leo Tan & Amelia Harmony - Jah Grace Riddim / (c) (p) Dubophonic 2022
The UK reggae dub producer I-niverse keeps spreading the message of peace, love & unification through his work. I-niverse’s sound takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey, driven by pulsating weighty bass lines and majestic melodies that send positive vibrations to the heart and help one to experience states of inner peace. He already released two singles on the label, alongside Dub Idren: Roots Strong and Mystical Melody
Hailing from the UK, his new EP is entitled Jah Grace Riddim and includes two songs based on that same riddim, staying true to Jamaica’s riddim culture where the instrumental/backing track is used for more than one song
Jah Grace is performed by the talented artist Leo Tan and inspired by The Holy Spirit through the artist’s Gospel background, while UK vocalist Amelia Harmony sings Thanks For Holding Me
Of course, both songs are accompanied by their obligatory dub versions! We hope you enjoy the vibes ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š

Nr. 1 (Roots charts) and Nr. 3 (Dub and Reggae charts) on Juno Downloads 13/10/22
Jah Grace on Da Gallery Show
Thanks For Holding Me & Dub on Rockers & Dub Show / Roots Legacy Radio
Thanks For Dubbing Me on The Dub Zone
Jah Grace played by Karsten Frehe on Forward The Bass / Byte FM
Thanks For Holding Me & Jah Grace
on The Blues Dancehall Show
Jah Grace & Dub on High Times
Jah Grace on El Cant de la Xitxarra
Recommended by Reggae Unity Music
Showcased on 2BOB RADIO Australia on Roots & Reggae show 15/10/22
Thanks For Holding Me & Dub
on Meltin' Dub
Thanks For Holding Me & Dub on Rockers & Dub Show / Roots Legacy Radio
Thanks For Holding Me on Space Is The Place
Thanks For Holding Me & Dub on Sound 4 Massive
Showcased on Culture Dub Radio Show
Showcased on Reggaespace Radio
Reviewed by Irie Ites (Germany)
Showcased on Radio Excaliber (Greece)
Recommended on Reggae Vibes
Recommended by Riddims World
Recommended by Reggae Revellers 

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - King Love Dub Sessions [DPH054]

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - King Love Dub Sessions (c) 2022 Dubophonic
Muflon Dub Soundsystem, the musical project from Poland, delivering positive Dub and Roots Reggae inspired sounds since early 2000s, returns with another piece of musical work, consisting of ten mellow, uplifting Dub tunes. King Love Dub Sessions is the dub side of a previous Muflon Dub's production called Krรณl Miล‚oล›ฤ‡ (King Love), which was self released in 2020. 

From the album title you can expect some sweet vibes, lovers rock style. But it's not the whole truth. Because Love is not just a feeling between two people. Love, as Muflon Man believes, is an ultimate force that binds this world together. Moreover, Love is a Person who actually cares of everyone here on Earth. His name is JAH.

This message reverberates on King Love Dub Sessions: Positivity plus consciousness and joyful vibe. To get you just a little hint of what the songs are about, we give you a short translation of choruses:

Track 1: Rise up, time to move on. Rise up, I will make you a great nation / Track 2: King Love. His Power spreads to all Universe / Track 3: Flow, river Jordan, flow / Track 5: War, Babylonian war / Track 7: It is JAH wish, that I and I dwell together / Track 8: Why won't the people start to think. Mad mob running towards the abyss. Why they are still chasing illusion instead of Truth / Track 9: Dance, Zion daughter.


To The Dance Dub on The Blues Dancehall Show
Showcased on El Cant de la Xitxarra
Zion Daughter Dub on The Dub Zone
To The Dance Dub on Space Is The Time
Recommended by Dub-a-Rebel
Rise Up Dub
on Espaco Zion
King Love Dub on The Dub Zone
Zion Daughter Dub on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Razem Dub on Culture Dub Radio Show
Dlaczebo Dub
on Echochamber Berlin
To The Dance Dub & Sweetest Dub on Roots n Reggae Show with Sista Selecta (18/9)
Recommended by Radio Excaliber (Greece)
Recommended by Dubblog
Recommended by Reggae Revellers

Med Dred & Shaky Norman - Flying Melodicas [DUB052]

Med Dred & Shaky Norman - Flying Melodicas (C)(P) Dubophonic 2022
Seven years after the release of King Solomon’s Dub back in 2015, the two acknowledged melodica players Med Dred from Cyprus and Shaky Norman from France, both with a bright musical background, meet again and introduce a brand-new instrumental tune, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Med Dred. 
Based on a new roots reggae riddim written by Med Dred, Flying Melodicas is a playful musical reasoning with the two melodica players complementing each other in a fun and soulful way!
The riddim is presented in two versions: the original instrumental version and the obligatory special dub cut by Med Dred and it is available from all major online stores for streaming and download.

Showcased on High Times
Showcased on The PowTown GetDown
Played on Dub Sessions
Recommended by Radio Excaliber Greece
Flying Melodicas in the Top 10 Reggae Revellers Selection
Flying Melodicas on Dub Sessions/Radio Bicicleta
Recommended by Reggae Revellers
Showcased on Culture Dub Radio Show / Radio Pulsar
Recommended by Kultur Media
Flying Melodicas & Flying Dub on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Recommended by Reggae Fresh
Flying Melodicas
on High Times
Flying Dub
on The Dub Zone
Reviewed & Recommended by Culture Dub
Flying Melodicas on Meltin' Dub 
Flying Dub on Dub Palace / After FM