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    [DUB-R1201] Hermit Dubz / Robert Dallas / Ranking Joe /Med Dred / Bongo Damo - Seek Jah First
    [DUB016] R-Juna - Dubs and Praises
         [DUB015} Munay Ki Dub - MKD

        [DPH040] Dub Cmd & SistaSara - Deeper Understanding
         [DPH039] Roots Masashi - Namah Shivaya
         [DUB014] Dub Cmd - Moonsteppa
         [DUB038] Good Over Evil - Keep the Fire Burning
         [DUB037] The Dubbstyle - Sun is Dub

        [DUB036] Dub Riots / Indamouse / Bluez - Creation

        [DUB013] Hermit Dubz - Pursuit Of Balance
         [DUB012] SistaSara - Space Stepper
        [DUB011] - Dubrajah - Nilotic
        [DUB010] Foshan Roots - The Wing Chun Album
        [DPH035] Dubwegians - South of the River Clyde
         [DPH034] Culture Horns ft. Madi Simmons - I am a Rootsman

        [DPH033] Foshan Roots - Sky Warrior Dub
             [DPH032] O.L.M. - Book of Daniel
                    [DPH031] Negritage - Greetings from Planet Dub
                       [DPH030] No Finger Nails - Quipu Remixes
                               [DPH029] Downbeat - Introspeccion
                               [DPH028] Dubrajah - Reprise
                                   [DPH027] Red Star Martyrs - Red Star Martyrs
                                   [DPH026] Eter Dub - In Da Name Of Jah
                                       [DPH025] Mastermind XS - Keep on moving
                                              [DUB005] Hermit Dubz ft. Knati P - Fyah fi Babylon
                                                [DUB004] Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman - Education fi Resist
                                                [DPH024] Mr Zebre ft. Rebel - Legal Rmxs
                                                    [DUB003] Dillon Wyte - Power To Slay Giants
                                                     [DUB002] Med Dred meets Shaky Norman - King Solomon's Dub
                                                     [DUB001] Koncrete Roots - Rudies in Dub
                                                    [DPH023] Zion Dirty Sound - Celebrity Fever / Reworks and Dubs
                                                    [DPH022] The Dubbstyle - Simona
                                                    [DPH021] DownBeat dub - Electrorgánico 
                                                    [DPH020] Mexican Stepper - Run and Tell REMIXED
                                                    [DPH019] Tzelalot - Labyrinth
                                                    [DPH018] DubRaJah - Enkang
                                                    [DPH017] Dubophonic meets Dubkey - United as one
                                                    [DPH016] Koncrete Roots - Rudie Dubplates (EP) / [DUB001] Rudies in Dub
                                                    [DPH015] Komadub ft. Zion Irie - Do Good (EP)
                                                    [DPH014] Dubsynaticx - Studio Dubs Part 1
                                                    [DPH013] Red Star Martyrs vs The Dubophonic All-Stars - Time for Tea (EP)
                                                    [DPH012] Sunjaman - Outta Here (EP)
                                                    [DPH011] Koncrete Roots - Dub ina Milands
                                                    [DPH010] Explorations in Dub - A dub-o-phonic compilation
                                                     [DPH009] Jennifer Paulos - Revolution
                                                      [DPH008] Ibel meets Med Dred - Love fi life
                                                     [DPH007] Karma Dub - Samadhi
                                                     [DPH006] Red Star Martyrs - I & I (EP)
                                                    [DPH005] Mexican Stepper - The Mad Sunday EP
                                                     [DPH004] Med Dred - Dred Reggae 
                                                    [DPH003] Zion Dirty Sound - Fils d' Abraham
                                                    [DPH002] Negritage: Guetto roots of dub (Vol.1)
                                                    [DPH001] Dub-I: Creation
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                                                    Dubophonic showcase by Warren Roots on FlirtFM Ireland
                                                    The Pow Town Get Show 5/12
                                                    Reggae Promotion in Motion presents Dubophonic
                                                    R&D Vibes ina Dubophonic style. Nuff respect! Check out the Podcasts.
                                                    Red Star Martyrs featured on The Dub Zone#14
                                                    Dubophonic showcase at Reservoir Dub radio show 30/1/14
                                                    Higher Reasoning Reggae Time, 5/1/2014
                                                    Dubophonic vibes @ Echo Chamber, 20/11/13
                                                    Incentive netlabel showcases "The Dubbstyle" 1st Nov 2013
                                                    Culture Dub Show / Party Time / 11th Nov 2013
                                                    Satechmo's Echochamber 14th Nov 2013
                                                    Echo Beach podcast 18/10/13
                                                    Echo Chamber podcast 9/10/13
                                                    Culture Dub show 8/10/13 // Radio Pulsar feat. Karma Dub
                                                    Red Star Martyrs @ Sounds of the Carribean with Selecta Jerry, 28/9/2013
                                                    Cruscial sounds of Red Star Martyrs @ Echo Beach, 27/9/2013
                                                    Mexican Stepper @ Dr. Strangedub's Echo Chamber 11/9/2013
                                                    Echo Beach - Radio broadcast from Chicago 6/9/2013
                                                    Mexican stepper on The Dub Zone #139
                                                    Culture Dub radio show 3rd Sept 2013 
                                                    One hour with Negritage, Med Dred, Zion Dirty Sound, Peter Chaves, Michael Melody, Murjah Warriors & Erika Crymson. El Cant de la Xitxarra plays on UPVràdio 102.5fm