Dubophonic meets Reggae Discography

Dubophonic meets Reggae DiscographyIt is with great pleasure to inform all dub-o-phonic family members that from today we have been assigned as the official free vibes provider of one of the biggest online reggae reference guides on the internet.

For those not familiar with it, Reggae Discography has been archiving since 2009 all the reggae artists and their works, making their biography and discographies available online, in order to be used by whoever might be interested in using them. Created 2009 by two passionate Italians, Marco Weststar and M. Rasta, their original idea was to build an online reference guide for reggae music. The database has been growing ever since and today, 4 years later, Reggae Discography expanded in new areas, introducing lots of artists who are not signed by any big labels, giving them the opportunity to present their work to the massive. The visitor has also the opportunity to read reviews about their work, look at the photos and videos of the artists, listen to their music and if they like it, buy it or download it.

Soon many artists from our family will be included in this world vibes database, and their discographies will be available to all the reggae lovers, Furthermore, we have already started providing Marco and his crew with all our free releases, since they have been appointed as one of our official partners. You will therefore be able to download our latest releases directly from their site for free, giving to the artists the maximum exposure possible.

This online reggae encyclopedia is enriched by the Jah Lyrics Reggae Archive, another free service, with the purpose to bring you a comprehensive and searchable database of all the Reggae Lyrics. The database is still new but constantly growing and new lyrics are added weekly.

Nough respect to Marco and his crew. Keep up the effort. Positiveness all the way! United we stand firm, together we move forward,. Welcome to the dub-o-phonic family my brother!