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[DPH020] Mexican Stepper - Run & Tell REMIXED


[DPH020] Mexican Stepper ft Rebel-I - Run & Tell REMIXEDArtist: Mexican Stepper ft Rebel-I
Title: Run & Tell REMIXED
Cat: [DPH020]
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Steppas
Country: Mexico, Peru, France, UK, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Puerto Rico
Release date: 1-3-2015
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0

[DPH020] Mexican Stepper ft Rebel-I - Run & Tell REMIXEDOne year after his first release on Dubophonic and following his recent European tour, the international artist from Mexico Yasser Serano, better known as Mexican Stepper, returns with another heavyweight track. Based on the same concept of the Mad Sunday EP, Yasser introduces his new tune “Run & Tell” and calls in these times of tribulation the Peruvian singer Rebel-I for vocal assistance, running and telling to the four corners of the world that Babylon is falling down. Originally the title track has been included in Mexican Stepper’s digital LP “Piramide del Sol” from last year released on the French netlabel Original Dub Gathering.

Since Dubophonic likes to experiment and stir things together, we have called assistance from our extended family of artists and asked them to spread the conscious message of the tune in their own style and fashion. The result was twelve exclusive versions of the original tune, reconstructed and mixed all around the world, strengthening the bonds and proving one more time, that conscious dub music is an international thing. Among all versions there is one special dubplate by Mexican Stepper and five remixes by Injham (FR), Thriakis Dub Destroyer (FR), Koncrete Roots (UK), JahYu (GER) and Mr Zebre (FR), as well as six alternative cuts/dubs by Du3normal (HUN), Holy Sound Crew (FR), Murjah Warriors (ITA), Dubios (GER), Mr Mefistou (PR) and Ktopp (GER).

Which is your favourite? You may prefer Mr Zebre’s warrior style vibration or the rootically inspired remix of Thriakis Dub Destroyer. Perhaps it’s the organic skunking melody of the Murjah Warriors, armed with a mandolin and a melodica ina “Renaissance” steppa style, that will carry you away inna cloud of irieness … or the heavy vibrations of Koncrete Roots and Injham. Perhaps the correct question should be “Which one is our favourite?” Well, all twelve versions are heavy enough to set Babylon on fire. So play them LOUD! It remains to you to discover the vibes hidden behind each version!

Click here to download
also available on: Sonicsquirrel * Bandcamp

01 Run and Tell - Mexican Stepper ft. Rebel-I (dubophonic dubplate) // 02 Dub and Tell - Du3normal //
03 Run and Tell - Injham (remix) // 04 Holy skunk dub - Holy Sound Crew // 05 Run and Tell - Thriakis Dub Destroyer (remix) // 06 Run and Tell - Koncrete Roots (remix) // 07 Sjunking melody - Murjah Warriors // 08 Brutal dub - Dubios // 09 Run and Tell - JahYu (remix) // 10 Snow apocalypse skunk - Mr Mefistou // 11 Run come - Mr Zebre (remix) // 12 Heavy skunk - Ktopp

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Mexican Stepper meeets Murjah Warriors


One year after his first release on Dubophonic and following his recent European tour, the international artist from Mexico Yasser Serano, better known as Mexican Stepper, returns with another heavyweight track. Based on the same concept of the Mad Sunday EP, Yasser introduces his new tune “Run & Tell” and lets it get 12 irie remixes by artists like Mr. Zebre, Du3normal, Injham and many more, running and telling to the four corners of the world that Babylon is falling down. This version by the Murjha Warriors incorporates the organic sounds of melodica and mandolin on the heavy Mexican Stepper riddim inna conscious meditation style. It will be of course included in this new release, which will be out on the 1st of March 2015 for free download. Bless up!

Starfrosch and DI radios showcase Dubophonic


Dubophonic Showcase on Starfrosh RadioDigitally Imported meets DubophonicIn the last months many Dubophonic releases are receiving an increased amount of airplay, sometimes too much to track down! In the last weeks two new radio stations, representing the new fashion of airplay with rotation lists, voting and statistics formed by the listeners, have included the catalog of the netlabel on in their daily playlist.
The first one is the Dub channel of the Digitally Imported Radio (DI) operated by Panayiotis Lanbropoulos AKA Takito Jockey. The Dub channel broadcasts 24/7 "downtempo reggae rhythms with sampled vocals, drenched in sound FX" and showcases a wide selection of tunes in the dubwise tradition, giving the opportunity to the listeners to vote for their favourite tracks, interacting and affecting the playlist. Negritage, Karma Dub, Koncrete Roots and the rest of the Dubophonic family are included in their daily playlist!

The other one is the well known Starfrosch platform based in Switzerland, which offers podcasts and selected music for free download. Starfrosch has recently started operating their own 24/h Radio, taking its listeners on an emotional journey of life and love, through Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop, Folk, Jazz, Classical, Dub and Children music. Dubophonic is showcased on a daily basis through a dedicated 2-hour slot from 21:00-23:00 GMT+1. Hope you enjoy the vibes!

Mexican Stepper returns on Dubophonic


After the first release of Mexican Stepper on Dubophonic back in the year 2013, the world established artist from Mexico is preparing his new work. As a first step, the netlabel will re-release the track "Run and Tell", which was originally included on Mexican Stepper's first LP "Teotihuacan [Pirámide del Sol]", released by the artist himself ... but of course there will be a twist! 

The new release, in the format of digital EP, will be out end of February and will consist of special remixes and dubs of the tune, exclusive produced for Dubophonic! Artists like Rebel-I and Fyachief will spread the vocal message of the tune and nuff remixes and dubs are already being produced while you read this: Mr. Zebre, Koncrete Roots, Du3normal, Thriakis Dub Destroyer, Injham, Holy Sound and Mr Mefistou are just a few of them ... and because we love you, we will include an exclusive mix of the original tune ina Dubphonic dubplate style and fashion ... and this is only the start. Brand new tunes by Mexican Stepper coming in Spring time. In these times of economical crisis and tribulation, it's time for RASTAS to TAKE OVER!!!

[DPH019] Tzelalot - Labyrinth


[DPH019] Tzelalot - LabyriinthArtist: Tzelalot
Title: Labyrinth
Cat: [DPH019]
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Jah Vibes, Fusion
Country: Italy
Release date: 28-1-2015
CC Licenses-by-nc-nd/3.0

[DPH019] Tzelalot - LabyriinthTzelalot is a movement of Word Sound and Power, having the explicit intent to communicate the mystical meditation about the Shadow of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, that is the meaning of this Ge’ez word. 

In Ge'ez, the ancient churchical language of Ethiopia, Tzelalot means "Shadow". Shadow is the ultimate shining blackness, generated by the presence of Light. As the Psalm 90 says, giving us freedom from carnal fear: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the Shadow of the Almighty".
“Tzelalot” is an educational phenomenon expressing itself in several ways and sides, aimed to the complete ovastanding of the black mystery surrounding the King and dwelling in His Holy Inner. The crucial importance of this persuasion can be easily seen through an intelligent reading of the Gospel of Mark, chapter 4 verses 30-32: And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? Or with what comparison shall we compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that are in the earth: But when it is sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the Shadow of it.The secret of Jah depths, of Jah abyss, we desire. And shrouded by His Cloak we want to rest, knowing Qedamawi Hayle Selassie as the Omega Circle Fullfillment of the Whole I-niverse

Tzelalot has been founded by Matyas Tekle Selassie upon the solid Rock of the truly Ethiopian, Amharic speaking orthodox and Rastafarian tradition. Its crew is mainly composed by Bro. Kalad, Bro. Yosief and Etan-e Negus, but many more good brethrens and sistrens coopereng with I&I, through I&I spirit of love and ovastanding.  Inspiration comes from Livitycal Powers. Big respect Midnite Band for their crucial examples and inspiration.

The fifteen tracks of “Labyrinth” compile only a small image of the works of Tzelalot, putting the best vibes together and showcasing the bright spiritual aura that emerges out of every track. As extra bonus we included two brand new tracks of Tzelalot, “I” and “Ras Amlak”. From the consciousness of the “Wheel” (sung in Amharic and English) and the uplifting vibes of “Cali” to the Nyabinghi influenced chanting on “Jah-I-full”, Tzelalot leads you to an esoteric journey of meditation away from the Babylonian labyrinth of today’s society.

Click here to download
also available on: Sonicsquirrel * Bandcamp

  TRACKS: 01 I // 02 Enchant Down Babylon // 03 Cali // 04 Repository // 05 Tzela // 06 Apparent // 07 Wheel // 08 Maryam // 09 Jah-I-full // 10 Albayan // 11 Om // 12 Ras Amlak // 13 Who Shall I Lah // 14 Hoy // 15 Sidov