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dub cmd - Moonsteppa [DUB014]

dub cmd - Moonsteppa / Dubophonic Records 2019dub cmd - Moonsteppa / Dubophonic Records 2019
Dub Command is a solo project of the UK based dub producer and musician Gabriel Ufir, born and raised in Poland, where his love for reggae and dub originates from.

After moving to the UK at the age of 18, Gabriel started learning to produce electronic and computer music and fell in love with composing music. During this time he continued to explore dub scene and through years of experiments in the studio he managed to create a unique blend of serious dub basslines over electronic-reggae, often lo-fi style tracks. With a fast growing audience and positive response from soundsystems, Gabriel will be working soon on his new material and start to perform live shows in 2020.

The Moonsteppa EP is the artist’s first official release. It includes two heavyweight rootical dubs, accompanied by their crucial versions. Give thanks to Mantsche for the inspiring artwork.
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01 Moonsteppa / 02 Moonsteppa Dub / 03 Integrity Dub / 04 Integrity Version

Showcased on El Cant De La Xitxarra 
Showcased on RastFM on Dub Thomas' Blessed Vibrations show 
Saetchmo plays Moonsteppa Dub on Echochamber 
Moonsteppa on RastFM Spiritusal Vibrations 
Moonsteppa Dub on Meltin Dub RDWA 107.5FM
Integrity Dub & Version on Sounds of the Caribbean 

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Good Over Evil - Keep The Fire Burning [DPH038]

Good Over Evil Productions - Keep the fire burning [DPH037] Dubophonic 2019
Good Over Evil Productions is a roots reggae project founded in Spain by the producers Jah Ivan and Dani Roots, the singer Sista Livity and Furi the manager. They come with a clear mission: to spread the Rastafari message by means of their music and their positive vibrations. Strictly Roots and Culture. Word, Sound and Power. Jah music to the people.

They have been releasing their work in different formats since 2008 on their own label (CD, Vinyl, Digital releases, etc.) alongside artists like Sista Livity, Anayah Roots Levi, Robel The Earthiopian (Reuben Addis), Ras Elijah Tafari, Raszor Brankata, Pato Ranking, Sista Moni and more.

It is a blessing that their new tune Keep the Fire Burning is being released on our label. You can feel the Good Over Evil's essence in a pure dub style. It is a militant tune, with a mystic atmosphere and remembrance of the mighty ancients sounds worldwide, that inspires a spiritual meditation for a deep connection with our inner self and with the most high God, almighty, creator of all life, Jah Rastafari. God live on the hearts of all flesh. Good Over Evil! Life Over Death!
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01 Keep the fire burning / 02 Keep the fire burning (alternative mix)

Ras Danny plays Good Over Evil on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
Recommended by dub-a rebel
Showcased by El Cant de la Xitxarra
Keeping The Fire Burning on Echochamber
Keep the Fire Burning on Culture Dub
Alternative Mix on R&D Vibes Italy 

The Dubbstyle - Sun Is Dub [DPH037]

The Dubbstyle - Sun Is Dub / Dubophonic Records 2019The Dubbstyle - Sun Is Dub / Dubophonic Records 2019
The Argentinean dub monkeys are back! After being included in the compilation Explorations In Dub (2013), their guest appearance on the Red Star Martyrs' album Time for Tea (2014) and the release of their own album Simona (2015), the brothers Mauro and Federico Salina from Mentoza (ARG) are back with more vibrations.

Their new album is entitled Sun Is Dub and includes eight musical dub-works. Compared to their previous works, their 2019 sound is much more mature, which is normal for every artist who respect his work and strives to evolve.

Starting with Navidub and following with Combination (with a vocal sample of the classic Indian singer Shruti Katkar) the album is a journey into the dub sounds and the cultures of the world. Sometimes melodic and organic, other times rhythmical and heavyweight, the dub is to be heard in all eight tunes of the album. The last track Simona, is a reference to their previous album, newly re-done ft. the Mexican dub pioneers Unidub Estereo.
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01 Navidub / 02 Combinación (vocal sample Shruti Katkar) / 03 Dub It (vocal sample Gabo Revuelta) / 04 Rain / 05 Zumbido / 06 Roco / 07 Sun Is Dub (vocal sample Bob Marley) / 08 Simona (ft. Unidub Estereo)

CCTrax awards Sun Is Dub ALBUM OF THE WEEK and give 4/5 stars
 Higher Reasoning Reggae Time plays Combinacion and Dub It
Recommended by Jah Billah 
Organic Vibes play Combinacion 
Showcased on Echochamber
Zumbido on Meltin' Dub RDWA 107.5FM
Navidub opens the latest edition of The Dub Zone
Jahnabet plays Navidub on Irie Trip on Paranoise Radio
Higher Reasoning Reggae Time plays Zumbido as last tune
Dr Strangedub plays Sun Is Dub on Echo Chamber
Ras Memo plays Navidub on High Times
Rain on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
Warren Roots playing on Flirt MM Dub It & Combinacion
Album showcase on El Cant De La Xitxarra 
Combinacion on Rewind Sessions Flirt FM Ireland
Stilgherrian plays Navidub on the 9pm Edict Australia

The Dubbstyle 2019 ... The Dub Monkeys are back!

The Argentinean dub monkeys are back! The new album of the brothers Mauro and Federico Salina from the high regions of Mendoza will be entitled Sun Is Dub and will include eight dubwise tracks, in the spirit of the new breed of dub acts combining live organic sounds with the on-stage dubbing.

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