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The Dubwegians - South of the River Clyde [DPH035]


The Dubwegians - South of the River Clyde / Dubophonic
The Dubwegians - South of the River Clyde / DubophonicThe Dubwegians where founded in the UK back in 2010, when Gary had the idea of starting a dub band. He, therefore, approached his old school friend Richy, whose guitar skills were always thought highly of. He just wanted to play bass in the band and not do any producing.

The band that Gary dreamed, never really managed to pull off. It kind of fizzled out after a while as people came and went, up for a jam and a smoke, but not up for putting in the hours of practice a band needs.

Gary and Richy decided to work as a duo, laying down some reworks of their favourite dub tracks. Having spent most of their life growing up in the south side of Glasgow, the River Clyde has been a great inspiration for them. This is how South of the River Clyde came about. The reference of course to the great Augustus Pablo is more than obvious.

Gary remembers: “We tried to capture the energy of a live band. In the absence of a drummer, it was a struggle for us to use a software, trying to capture the original warmth of analogue dub. It was a real learning experience; listening and trying to emulate these dub masterpieces. We have never done dub producing before and were slowly realizing some of the techniques used.”

South of the river Clyde includes 5 instrumental tracks; dub reworks of some great roots reggae masterpieces, produced back in 2011 with love and lots of passion. Richy played melodica and keyboards (and also guitar on "Sun is shining Dub), Gary played bass and covered all other sounds and production, using a laptop to overdub and edit their takes. Give thanks to Robert McWilliams for granting us the license to use the photo of the river Clyde in the artwork.
01 Augustus Pablo Dub (Rockers Rock) / 02 Creator Dub / 03 Southside Dub Skanking / 04 Sun is Shining Dub / 05 Too Hot Dub

Showcased played by Visionary Sounsystem on RIFF Radioshow
Meltin' Dub opens the show with Creator Dub on RDWA 107.5FM
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Vintage sounds by The Dubwegians


The Dubwegians - South of the river Clyde / Dubophonic
Our next release by the Dubwegians, founded in the UK back in 2010, will be online for free download on the 3rd Sept 2018.

Having an obvious reference in its title to the late Augustus Pablo, the South Of The River Clyde EP will include 5 instrumental tracks, produced with love and lots of passion by Gary and Richy, the duo from the UK called The Dubwegians. They will be laying down a few dub covers of some of their favourite reggae tracks, using a laptop to overdub and edit their live takes, whilst trying to capture the warmth of analogue dub.

Various Artists - Reggae Sunjam Vol. 2 [DUB009]


Various Artists - Reggae Sunjam / Dubophonic
The Reggae Sunjam Festival is being held every summer in August in Cyprus. It has been running since 2016 and it is the biggest reggae gathering on the island of Cyprus, strongly supporting the local reggae-dub scene, while it is dynamically reinforced every year with special international guests.

The Manor - Walk With Jah / DubophonicIn the second compilation we have included artists mainly from the local scene plus a few international guests like Dark Angel and Sister Ruby on riddims/remixes by Blend Mishkin (GR) and Daddy Vertigo (GR), as well as tunes by Utopian Sound (UK), Hermit Dubz (UK), Med Dred (CY), Christina Polycarpou (CY), Kyri Roots (CY), Supernova (CY), Bunfyah (CY), Sunjaman (GR), Manwel T (Malta) and Dub Riots & Indamouse (GR).

Give thanks to all the artists, musicians and producers, who have been supporting us from the day one of the festival. All tracks were mastered in Cyprus by Med Dred.
01 Utopian Sound - Reign Dub / 02 Hermit Dubz - Last Chance Riddim (ft. Chr. Polycarpou & Med Dred) / 03 Med Dred - Zoogie Bun (ft. Kyri Roots) / 04 Sista Ruby - Think and Wanda (Daddy Vertigo Edit) / 05 Supernova - Tell Me Something / 06 Blend Mishkin ft. Dark Angel - Herbsman (Red Eye Riddim) / 07 Bunfyah - Wake Up / 08 Sunjaman - Outta Here (Manwel T Mix) / 09 Dub Riots & Indamouse - Dino

Nuff tunes played on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time KBOO 91.9FM Portland Community Radio
Gregory D'Elia plays Zoogie Bun on the 17/8/18 on KBCS91.3FM 
Hermit Dubz and Utopian Sound on Pauze Radio UK Reggae Mix Show 23/8/18
Showcased by Visionary Sounsystem on RIFF Radioshow
Ras Memo playing Supernova on High Times

The Manor - Walk With Jah [DUB008]


The Manor - Walk With Jah / Dubophonic
The Manor - Walk With Jah / DubophonicReggae has been oft characterised as a music of feeling over technique. It is a fact that reggae rhythms were rarely rendered or produced with any competence by foreigners until the last two decades or so.  Walk with Jah, the first album on Dubophonic by the UK reggae & dub artist/producer Brad Turner aka The Manor is an example of such competence.

Being one of the main artists behind the Foshan Roots project and having released a few works on the discontinued Springline Records label, which can be found on compilations and EPs (some are now obsolete, others are still to be found scattered all around the internet), this is first complete album of The Manor.

Walk With Jah features eleven pure and heavy roots & dub tracks. The Manor has an authentic cultural vibe about his musical works, which is showcased throughout the album. It is obvious that he is influenced by the works of past masters, mainly Lee Scratch Perry. All tracks were recorded in CAF studios in the UK, which is becoming the boiler room of creativity akin to Black Ark in the 1970’s.

This is an album for the lovers of roots reggae and dub music, the way it used to be; a sincere tribute to the music of the 70s and a nicely crafted window into one man's journey through the music and the culture he loves. We hope you love it too and you enjoy the journey!

Alll tracks of the album were composed, mixed & performed by Brad Turner (The Manor). Give thanks Alan Blizzard (Yabass) for the cover artwork.
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01 Closer To Jah / 02 Closer Dub / 03 Down Inna Ghetto / 04 Ghetto Dub / 05 No WW3 / 06 WW3 Dub / 07 These Times / 08 These Times Dub / 09 Wicked Ah Come / 10 Wicked Dub / 11 Matic Manor

Reviewed by Reggae Vibes
Played on The Dub Zone #198
Gregory D'Elia playing These Times Dub on KBCS 91.3FM (27/7/2018)
Selecta Jerry plays Ghetto Dub and WW3 Dub on Sounds of the Caribbean
The Manor played on Visionary Soundsystem Show
Gregory D'Elia plays WW3 Dub on the 17/8/18 on KBCS91.3FM  
Played by Visionary Sounsystem on RIFF Radioshow
Ras Memo plays Down In The Ghetto + Ghetto Dub in High Times

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