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Various Artists - Reggae Sunjam [DUB006]


Various Artists - Reggae Sunjam / DubophonicVarious Artists - Reggae Sunjam / Dubophonic
The Reggae Sunjam Festival is being held every summer in August in Cyprus. It has been running since 2016 and it's aiming to be the biggest reggae gathering on the island of Cyprus. Organized by Dubophonic, the independent production team Easy Going Productions and Suzie Selecta the festival strongly supports the local reggae-dub scene, while it is dynamically reinforced every year with special international guests.

Artists like Professor Skank (GR), Dub Riots (GR), Jammaroots (GR), KingOfEye (UK), Syrina Sound (NL), Haji Mike (CY), Dub Thomas (CY), Crusty Locks (NL), Sensijam (CY), Med Dred (CY) and Mrs HCN (CY) are a few of the artists who attended the festival in the first 2 years of its life. The release is enriched with the music of Bagjuice (NL), SKG's Dub Alliance (GR), Mr Zebre (FR), Red Star Martyrs (UK) and Rebel-I (PER).

This is a sweet memory of the great vibrations we had in these 2 years and we would like to thank all artists for the warm support and the massive crowd who was there to dance and celebrate with us. We love you all and we look forward to continue spreading the positive vibes, making this event the leading reggae festival in Cyprus!

Visit Reggae Sunjam for more information

01 Sensijam - Uhuru  / 02 Bagjuice - Don't Give / 03 Negritage ft. Christina Polycarpou - From Kyrenia with Dub / 04 Red Star Martyrs ft. Haji Mike - Dead Politiks / 05 Med Dred - Bal Ed Dred / 06 Dub Riots - Morning Lights / 07 King Of Eye - Spiral Dreams / 08 SKG's Dub Alliance - Get Up In Dub / 09 Mr Zebre ft. Rebel-I - Legal (Professor Skank remix)

Dr Strangedub plays HajiMike on KFAI 90.3FM Echo Chamber
Selecta Jerry plays Med Dred on Sounds of the Caribbean 88.9 FM
Higher Reasoning Reggae Time with Ras Danny plays 3 tracks from Reggae Sunjam
Reviewed by the Belgian reggae portal
Med Dred and Dub Riots on Meltin' Dub show RDWA 107.5 FM
New Zealand radio 95bFM plays Negritage and SKG's
Selecta Jerry plays Bagjuice on Sounds of the Caribbean 88.9 FM

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Reggae Sunjam Cyprus - What you need to know


Reggae Sunjam 2017 / Cyprus / Dubophonic / Easy Going Productions / Suzie Selecta
The second Reggae Sunjam Music Festival is being held this weekend, on the 12th and 13th at Paradise Place Music Bar, in Pomos, Paphos. It is organized byl Dubophonic, the independent production team Easy Going Productions and Suzie Selecta. A few days before we give you the Festival guide:

The location
The Festival takes place in the village of Pomos, east of Polis in Paphos. The music bar Paradise Place is located just before the village entrance, on a hill overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Cyprus and swim in a hidden beach at the foot of the Paphos forest! The bar offers a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere while the wider area is full of magical beaches and beautiful mountain paths!

The music program
23 hours of Roots, Reggae, Dub, Steppers and Dancehall music by renowned artists and DJs!

The Top Acts
At the Festival this year, you will see Professor Skank, by far the most well-known Greek dub producer. He will be performing an exclusive live set with live dub mix and great selection on stage. Born and raised in Greece in 1977, he experimented with the genre at a really young age of 14 on a 4-track recorder in the early 90’s. Meeting Mad Professor was a turning point for him. He discovered his talent and initiated him into the secrets of dub music. In the following years this collaboration allowed him to use the legendary Ariwa Studios and work with great artists like Max Romeo, Zion Train, Brinsley Ford Aswad, Love Grocer, Earl16, Vibronics, Afrikan Simba, Dreadzone and many other. Based in his studio, he keeps on producing music, releasing vinyls and remixing tunes international labels (among them our own Dubophonic) presenting his music all around the world.

You will also have the chance to enjoy the vibes of musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer Jammaroots for the first time in Cyprus. She will be performing a live acoustic session on the guitar singing her own songs and cover versions plus a special session with Mrs HCN on the decks! With her very particular voice, Jammaroots mixes her musical influences creating a peculiar musical blend, based on reggae with a scent of soul, dub and lots of improvisations. She has performed in various live stages and festivals as opening act for The Wailers, Horace Andy, Matic Horns, Earl ''china'' Smith and many more. She has also many studio collaborations, amongst others with Blend Mishkin and Vlastur, performs with her band The Oscillators as well as with Full Circle, collaborated with dj's and mc's ina roots and culture style, sings with Steffanaty and of course writes her own music, some of which we will have the pleasure to listen during the festival.
The Producers and DJs
This year you will have the opportunity to listen to two Cypriot artists who live and work abroad.

King of Eye who resides in the UK: 
a dub artist with a passion for old & new technology, remixing sounds, visuals and filling the space with music and positive vibes. Moved to the UK from Cyprus in 1996 to study Animation and Film and got involved with event-organising under the name "Visual Vinyl" alongside people like Sattaman (Real Roots ) and performing under the name Kingofeye and Dub Theatre alongside I-Jay and Izzi Philo. The ongoing love affair with dub/music and visuals have seen the King of eye perform all over europe and the UK (Boomtown, One Love, Big Green Gathering, Island Of Dub, ARS Austria, United Nations of Dub) with a fresh approach and a mix of old and trusted sound system styles. The performances incorporate vinyl and live dub techniques alongside visuals where permitted. Conscious Lyrics, Rasta Livity and a conscious message through heavy bass lines are the characteristics of the live shows.

Syrina Sound from the Netherlands: She plays exclusively vinyl records and brings you sounds of old and new roots, reggae and dub music such as Abyssinians, King Tubby, Aba Shanti, Jah Shaka, Empress Shema, King Alpha, Jah Militant and Maasai Warrior. In addition to the love of music, Syrina Sound was created to promote the contribution of women to the stage of reggae and dub music.

The program of the Festival is dynamically reinforced by some of the most important DJs and producers from Cyprus: Dub Thomas with a special dubplate session, Haji Mike & Kemal with a live-acoustic program, Mrs HCN being active in the Greek reggae scene for many years, DJ Monday, Suzie Selecta, Pan Khaos, and Chillum Brothers.

Also some last minute additions to our lineup with some special guests: Crusty Locks from Bagjuice (NL) will be joining Syrina Sound on the decks and Roots Titus representing Jah Lion Movement (UK) will be opening the Sunday sessions with some rootikal vibrations.

The line-up in detail
18:00 – 20:00 Mrs HCN
20:00 – 22:00 Syrina Sound meets Crusty Locks (NL)
22:00 – 00:00 DJ Monday (Jah Star Sound)
00:00 – 03:00 Professor Skank (GR)

12:00 – 13:00 Roots Titus (UK - Jah Lion Movement)
13:00 – 15:00 Chillum Brothers (Easy Going Productions)
15:00 – 16:30 Suzie Selecta
16:30 – 18:30 Pan Khaos (Morphogenetic Fields)
18:30 – 20:00 Haji Mike meets Kemal (Dubophonic)
20:00 – 22:00 Jammaroots (GR)
22:00 – 00:00 Dub Thomas (Dubophonic)
00:00 – 02:00 King of Eye (UK)

What will be offered
During the Festival, various alcoholic beverages and drinks will be offered at reasonable prices, as well as food. From breakfast to dinner the options will vary, including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Where to stay
In the area there is the possibility of camping with facilities and services such as outdoor showers. The experience of staying in the place is very pleasant, as you can enjoy the Festival without any interruption and without missing anything! Note however, that the space for camping is inevitably limited. So make sure you get there early or contact the organizers to let you know if space is still available. If you prefer to stay out of the venue area, then your options in the wider area are either to stay at the camping site of Polis being only 20 minutes away, or rent a room in the area.

What you will find at the Merchandise Store of the Festival
Reggae Sunjam Cyprus has prepared a CD with tracks by musicians and producers who have participated or are participating this year at the Festival. The CD will be available for sale along side with other releases from the artists, as well as the t-shirt of the festival with the impressive Sunjam logo. More artists will also be hosted with their handcrafted creations and products.

By supporting the Festival you support a good cause
Part of the Festival’s revenues will be donated to the HOPE Foundation (Helping Orphans Prodigal to Eternity) - Nepal, which hosts orphaned children in Kathmandu, offering opportunities for a better life through care and education. Also, there will be a donation box during the Festival where you can further support this initiative with your contribution.

Entrance is 7 euros for one day and 10 euros for two days. Tickets will be available at the door.

Media Sponsor: Rock FM Cyprus // Supported by: Onetropic online shop, Cactus Arts & Crafts, Health Basket organic shop, Magos Record Shop // Info: 70007102, 26342016
Facebook: Reggae Sunjam Cyprus, Twitter: @Reggaesunjam

High Station Sound meets Dub Thomas & Haji Mike


High Station Sound meets Dub Thomas & Haji Mike // Dubophonic
Nuff respect High Station Soundsystem! On Saturday the 22nd of July 2017, we will be showcasing the works of our label on one of the leading soundsystems in Cyprus, celebrating our 4th birthday with friends, artists and fans. Everybody is welcome to join the dance.

Dub Thomas and Haji Mike will meet High Station Sound in an 8-hour session, starting up at sunset and going through the late hours. Exploring the sound of dub music, we will take you on a musical journey, with Roots Reggae as a starting point, traveling through the various aspects of Dub music. We hope that you can drop by .... we will be very honored to share this special occasion with you. Expect to listen some unreleased tunes from the label as well as special cuts and dubplates for the first time.

O.L.M. - Book of Daniel [DPH032]


It was Around 2,600 years ago when a Judean teenager was taken captive by the rapidly ascending Babylonian Empire, a force of unstoppable military strength, great wealth and technological advancement. Normally such an event would lead to a life in misery as a slave … but God had something else in mind for this young man named Daniel.

Daniel, the teenager who had been taken captive, came to realize that God was miraculously working with him … but not only to preserve his life. God was revealing through him some major prophecies of future world-ruling empires. As a resident of the world’s premier capital city and AS an honored wise man in King Nebuchadnezzar’s court, Daniel demonstrated God’s superiority over the pagan gods of Babylon and left a legacy of faithful obedience to God in spite of grave trials and tribulations.

Inspired by the Old Testament book, Italian producer Orlando La Montagna adapts the story of Daniel and transforms it into a dub adventure, introducing different variations of the same riddim just like the different chapters of the book. Each track has a deep spiritual ambience; starting with “Induction in Babylon” where Daniel is introduced in the hard Babylonian system through a stepper-techno beat and ending with “Life Giver”, which sends the final message to our permissive society of power-hungry people … to a nation without God. Daniel's situation in Babylon sounds quite a bit like our own, doesn’t it? 

01 Induction in Babylon / 02 Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of Four Kingdoms / 03 Daniel in the Lion's Den / 04 Vision of the Beasts from the Sea / 05 War Chant / 06 Life giver

Dr Strangedub plays "Daniel in the Lion's Den" on KFAI 90.3FM Echo Chamber (Mineapolis)
Airplay by El Cant de la Xitxarra
"Live Giver" played on Roccos's Spiritual Vibrations on Rastfm
The Groove Thief plays "Induction in Babylon" on After Fm - Reggae Transfusion
The Pow!Town Get Down plays "Daniel in the Lion's Den"
Jahnabet plays on Paranose Radio Irie Trip "Induction in Babylon"
Meltin' Dub plays "Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of Four Kingdoms"
"Life Giver" and "War Chant" on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
Reviewed by the Belgian Community portal
Included in The Dub Zone #185
Aiplay by Dubovy High on Radio Wave
Selectress Magdushka plays OLM on
Daniel In The Lion's Den on Culture Dub
Dub Thomas  plays 3 tracks on Lockdown Radio UK

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