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Med Dred's "Dred Reggae" now on CD


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Since many people have been asking about the availability of our releases on "hard copies", we have decided to proceed with the printing of some selected releases on CD. After Koncrete Roots' "Rudies in Dub" from last year, we are releasing on CD another title from our back catalog,  Med Dred's EP "Dred Reggae". Both CDs are available on demand for a limited time. Next step, vinyl. More info soon!

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[DPH023] Zion Dirty Sound - Celebrity Fever


[DPH023] Zion Dirty Sound - Celebrity Fever (Reworks and dubs) // Dubophonic
Artist: Zion Dirty Sound
Title: Celebrity Fever / Reworks and Dubs
Cat: [DPH023]
Genre: Roots Reggae, Dub, Fusion
Countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany,
Poland, Cyprus, Russia, Japan, USA
Release date: 30/7/2015

[DPH023] Zion Dirty Sound - Celebrity Fever (Reworks and dubs) // DubophonicDjibril and Faida are back. Two years after the first release Fils d’ Abraham, the French duo Zion Dirty Sound return with a new EP. Based on the track Celebrity Fever already released on their first LP, Dubophonic is re-releasing that same riddim in a new creative approach.

It took a long time for this project to be completed. Main reason, was the many artists involved in this project. The stems of the riddim traveled from France to all around the world, to places near and far. Countries like Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Russia, USA and Japan are participating in this project. The riddim was then reworked or dubbed and then sent back to the Zion Dirty Sound headquarters in France for the final mixing and “necessary tweaking”.

The result is a compilation nine new songs, each and every one based on the same “celebrity” riddim, but each and every one completely different in terms of creativity. Starting with Zion Dirty Sound’s 2015 version of Celebrity Fever titled Cumbia Fever, the riddim is dubbed by Nadoo (FR), vocalised in English by the dancehall artist Afro D (RUS) and in Japanese by sister Erika Crymson (JAP). Master See’s (USA) approach ina Nyabinghi style is lyric-wise and rythm-wise a strong slap to Babylon. Equally conscious are the two versions of Jazzmin Tutum (GER) and Haji Mike (CY), two artists representing the often so neglected sub-genre of Dub Poetry. Peter Chaves (SP) and Michel Melody (POL) team up for a melodica dub version of the riddim. Last but not least we have included the irie sound of Murjah Warriors (ITA) improvising skilfully on the mandolin, perhaps the most creative version of all.

All cuts are composed with lots of love and this can be heard on every tune. But most important is the fact that all tracks flow nicely together. We hope that you will play this ep may times, since each cut has a different vibe and you will always find the most appropriate one for each situation.

Closing we would like to give thanks to Michel from the Murjah Warriors for the painting of the cover and the artwork and to Djibril for the special touch on the mixing of the tunes. We hope you will enjoy the tunes and that you will love them as well as we did.

also available on: FMA * * Sonicsquirrel * Bandcamp
01 Zion Dirty Sound - Cumbia fever / 02 Nadoo - Celebrity dub / 03 Jazzmin Tutum - Ci Ca Run Come / 04 Afro D - Teach Dem Fi Survive / 05 Master See - I reject it / 06 MurJah Warriors - Mandlion in Zion / 07 Haji Mike - Pain Pain Gain Gain / 08 Peter Chaves ft Michael Melody - Melodica fever / 09 Erika Crymson - Light Up

New release from Zion Dirty Sound


Zion Dirty Sound are about to release a special EP with reworks and dubs of their "Celebrity Fever" riddim. Originally released on their 2013 "Fils d' Abraham" LP, the french duo will present nine different cuts of that riddim. Among these cuts, will be two adaptations by Jazzmin Tutum and Haji Mike ina dub poetry style, four vocal cuts by Zion Dirty Sound, Afro D, Erika Crymson and Master See and three dubs by Nadoo, Peter Chaves ft Michael Melody pon di melodica and Murjah Warriors pon di mandolin.

Every tune is produced in its own creative process and has its own special background story. Master See's nyabinghi version for example is a tribute to all African women, all about rising up and making a stand. Haji Mike's adaptation on the other hand, is deeply inspired by the austerity policy of the European Union and the results such measures have on the everyday life of the people, especially in the countries of south Europe (we have all followed the pain and suffering of the Greek people). "Life inna bailhouse no sweet" - read the background story of the tune!

We hope you enjoy these first previews. If you want to be the first to download it you can always join our facebook event page or even better, subscribe to our mailing list and receive them on your email before the official release, including other "goodies".

Dubophonic celebrating the Netlabel Day


20 years after the conception of the MP3 format, a group of independent artists and labels from all over the planet have banded together for the first time ever, to celebrate the mp3 and the culture of free music.

Forget about all these well-known "celebrity" artists. The Netlabel Day is an online space made by truly independent artists and netlabels and isfor all those people who listen and support independent art movements, highlighting “free and independent music in high quality format” from different genres.

On this special day, the 14th of July 2015, the 80 participating netlabels, among the Dubophonic, and more than 13 independent artists have released new and original material to celebrate this special day. Of course, all music is for free download. Check all releases and start digging!

To celebrate the intenational Netlabel Day, Dubophonic joined this initiative with the release of a brand new track, a ruff and tuff jungle-stepper vibration ina Koncrete Roots style. Hope you enjoy!

Koncrete Roots - Dubophonic Stepper
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