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Hermit Dubz - Pursuit Of Balance [DUB013]

Hermit Dubz is out of his cave again! His sonic weapons became heavier than ever and his new album entitled “Pursuit Of Balance” is a proof of his new ability.

On the way to find the perfect balance between the world within and Babylon, the new album from the Birmingham’s rising dub specialist includes four heavyweight tracks and four even heavier dubs. Psydub infused with a spiritual vibe and oriental sounds, alongside the Rootical stylings.  Stepper meets orient and the bass chases every vampire away … the way it should always be!

01 Truly Dread / 02 Mushin / 03 Arrakeen / 04 Valhalla / 05 Truly Dread dub / 06 Mushin dub /
07 Arrakeen dub / 08 Valhalla dub 04:52 

Selecta Jerry plays Truly Dread + Truly Dread Dub on Sounds of the Caribbean
Goosensei's Bass Odyssey starts with Mushin
Culture Dub / Radio Pulsar plays Arrakeen & Arrakeen Dub 
Arrakeen included in Pete Cogle's Podcast Factory
Dj Jano plays Truly Dread Dub on Organic Vibes 
Showcased on Echochamber 

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The return of Hermit Dubz

Hermit Dubz - Pursuit Of Balance / Dubophonic / UK / Cyprus
> NEWSFLASH < The elusive dub hermit was seen again leaving his cave, wandering alone in the dark streets of Babylon.

We all know that this does not happen often, perhaps only once or twice every few years ... but when you see Hermit Dubz in your neighborhood, covered in robes like a 21st century monk, it means that he has acquired the next level of transformation! On the way to find the perfect balance between the world within and Babylon, he demonstrates his newly acquired sonic weapons through his new album entitled Pursuit Of Balance,  available soon on Bandcamp

SistaSara - Space Stepper EP [DUB012]

SistaSara - Space Stepper EP / Dubophonic Records Cyprus 2019
SistaSara - Space Stepper EP / Dubophonic Records Cyprus 2019SistaSara is a female music producer, a freedom stepper, creating her own style of Reggae Dub music mainly influenced by UK Stepper, PsyDub and Trip Hop. We call it “Hypnotic dub music with a psychedelic touch”.

Sara Fuga was born in Venice, Italy, with Italian mother & Nigerian father. She started as a session drummer and backing vocalist in numerous bands and projects in Italy from 1995 till 2003. In Spring 2003 she moved to London, UK, where she began studying music production. The London Dub scene was a crucial influence in her music development and it is a core factor in her music identity.

Sara is now an independent experimental Dub music producer. Alongside her Solo productions, she collaborates with other fellow producers as a songwriter & vocalist and in Summer 2015 she moved to Oakland California, USA.

Her first EP on our label is called Space Stepper and includes the following five musical compositions:
Illusions Space Stepper: a space dub cut of a tune called Illusions of Time, which will be included in her upcoming album “Universal”.
Altered Dimensions: a deep and minimal dub remix, a revisitation of Illusions of Time.
Isaiah: a deep, hypnotic and meditative dub tune, which is dedicated to the Prophet Isaiah.

Throughout and Throughout Space Dub are written in traditional UK Steppa style, filled with bass and tribal stepper drums that will hopefully keep you on an upliftment mode.
 ► Spotify  ► Bandcamp  ► Juno  ► iTunes  ► Amazon  ► Beatport
01 Illusions Space Stepper / 02 Altered Dimensions / 03 Throughout / 04 Throughout Space Dub / 05 Isaiah

Reviewed by the Beljam Reggae Community
Illusions Space Stepper on Variations show 18/1/19 on 91.3 KBCS Seattle
Recommended by Soulguru
Review and airplay on Echochamber
Showcased by El Cant de la Xitxarra 
Isaiah played on Culture Dub Radio Show on Radio Pulsar 
Altered Dimensions on Meltin' Dub RDWA 107.5 FM
Illusions Time Stepper on Pete Cogle's The Dub Zone
Altered Dimensions on Variations show 25/1/19 on 91.3 KBCS Seattle
Illusions Space Stepper on Echo Chamber KFAI Radio 90.3FM Minneapolis 
Dj Iano plays Altered Dimensions on Organic Vibes / Radioactive International Radio
Ras Memo plays Altered Dimensions on High Times
Dj Iano plays Throughout Space Dub on Organic Vibes
Reviewed by Jah Rebel on Rebel Base 

Hypnotic dub music by SistaSara ... coming soon!

SistaSara / Dubophonic
Sista Sara has been doing music since 1995, as session drummer, backing vocalist or producer. Born in Italy, she is now living in the USA and she will be releasing her first EP on our label on the 16th of January 2019. Get ready for some hypnotic dub music with a psychedelic touch!

.... illusions of time in Babylon
.... release your mind now
.... you know you can be strong
.... there are no limits cause you know you don't belong
.... set yourself free today you know it's been too long


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