Tokiboun In Dub ft. Kimmy Gold & Lance Hume - World In Peace

French-Swiss producer Tokiboun in Dub returns with a new single. After having a few releases on Dubophonic (Mountain Vibrations EP with William Jacquement on the Trombone and Full Vibes on the flute and Dub Valley EP with Nish Wadada, Oryo, Mehdiman and Jah93), he returns with his new release entitled World In Peace, which includes two tracks:  King Of Kings featuring Jamaican artist Kimmy Gold on the vocals and King Of Sitar featuring Lance Hume on the Sitar.

King Of Kings features the Jamaican singer and musician Kimmy Gold on the vocals.  Kimberlyn Goldson was born in St. Ann, a rural parish in north-east Jamaica that has produced a number of outstanding Jamaican artistes, most notably Bob Marley. At four years-old when most of her peers were into toys and ring games, Kimberlyn was drawn to music. She began learning to play the piano at that age, and it remains her instrument of choice as musician. While studying to be a teacher, she maintained her ties to music by practicing and listening to her biggest influences: Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers and The Gladiators. Largely self-taught, Kimmy has steadfastly etched out a career as a musician and singer in Jamaican roots-reggae.

King of Sitar features the UK musician Lance Hume on the Sitar. As a multi-instrumentalist is specializing in fusing the mesmerizing sound of the Sitar with heavyweight dub. He has collaborated and released records with many artists such as Vibronics, Mr Zebre, Don Fe, Adam Prescot, Roots Ista Posse and more. He is also member of the Higher Meditation soundsystem, spicing up the sessions with his Sitar. Expect some mystical meditation vibes!

iGL & Alecho - Revolution

iGL & Alecho
  is an electronic music project from Athens, Greece, consisting of Konstantinos & Alexandra. The duo made its first appearance on Dubophonic Records during its live session at the Lockdown Online Festival, while their track “Time Capsule” was included in the compilation “Explorations In Dub / Lockdown dub” in year 2020. They also released in 2021 their debut album “From A Droplet”.

Their new EP is entitled “Revolution” and includes six tracks in a fine dubwise style, fusing roots reggae and dub music with electro-dub and blurring the musical boundaries. We have also included a special remix by Indamouse. It is available for free download from Bandcamp.

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Mikey Dub meets Debbie Defire - Thank You

Mikey Dub meets Debbie Defire - Thank You / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023

Portland musician and producer Mikey Dub returns with a new single. After his EP Triumphant Riddim released earlier this year, featuring Clotilde and Tharara on the vocals, he returns with a new single and a new collaboration featuring this time Debbie Defire, also known in the 70s as Debra Keese. The new tune is entitled Thank You and it is presented in two versions: the vocal and the dub version. Featured on the tune is also Texas born Joby Tijerna (aka. Joby T.) on the Horns and Andrew Deetz on the keyboards.

Debbie Defire is a British born artist, who moved to Jamaica with her parents as a toddler in the 60s. In 1978, the legendary Lee Scratch Perry produced for her the tune “Travelling” under the name of Debra Keese and the Black Five. which was released on Black Art label. She was around 18 years old at that time, when she recorded the tune! Today she resides in the UK.

Over the past few years Debbie Defire released several singles and a LP album. Debbie Defire has come a long way from her debut as a young reggae singer with the hit song ‘Traveling’ produced by the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, to the latest release of her new tune produced by Mikey Dub entitled Thank You and we are honored to be a part of her musical journey.

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Ras Tamano & Goja Bongos - Nyahbinghi I-lodica

Ras Tamano & Goja Bongos - Nyahbinghi I-lodica / Dubophonic 2013The veneration or worship of the deity or spirit of the woman known as Nyabinghi began in Rwanda, around 1800. She was thought to be a powerful force in everyday life. Religious practice operated through a medium named “Muhumusa” who was in communication with the spirit of Nyabinghi. To appease her spirit, believers brought offerings to the medium who would negotiate with the spirit on the believer's behalf. While there were specific mediums that communicated with Nyabinghi directly, Nyabinghi could also possess ordinary people who were not leaders or official mediums within the religion. Belief in this religion was particularly strong in the southern parts of Uganda and the northern regions of Rwanda, areas which had formerly been part of the precolonial kingdom of Ndorwa.

Muhumusa led a campaign against Yuhi V of Rwanda, claiming to be a mother to the rightful heir to the Rwandan throne. She also led and then inspired further anti-colonial movements in East Africa, rebelling against European colonial authorities. Although she was captured in 1913, alleged possessions by Nyabinghi continued afterwards across East Africa (mostly afflicting women). The bloodline of the true Nyabinghi warriors supposedly settled in the heart of Dzimba dze Mabwe, now known as Zimbabwe

In the 20th century, the Niyabinghi resistance inspired a number of Jamaican Rastafarians, who incorporated what are known as Niyabinghi Chants (also binghi) into their celebrations ("groundations"). The rhythms of these chants were eventually an influence of popular ska, rocksteady and reggae music. It is the traditional music of the Rastafarian practice and it is used during "reasoning" sessions and consists of chanting and drumming to reach states of heightened spirituality. Nyabingi music consists of a blend of 19th century gospel music and African drumming and is common to all Rastafarians. Its rhythms are the basis of Reggae music!

Nyahbinghi Melodica is a very special release, recorded domestically in Japan ina classic Nyabinghi style. Produced by the multitalented Swe Rooting (producer, artist, event organiser, woodcrafter and landscape gardener), it features the melodica player Ras Tamano (also known through his collaboration with Sister Maki on Prayers) and the kette drum player and manufacturer Goja Bongos on the percussion (known for his collaborations with Shanti-K and Aki Mittoo). The artwork was created by Manabu Dub.

Ras Tamano & Goja Bongos - Nyahbinghi I-lodica / Dubophonic 2013

The album includes six tracks, reworks of classic tunes and Nyahbinghi chants with the melodica taking over the chanting and the drumming showing the way to righteousness. Let the magic take over!

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