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No Finger Nails remixes Atome Primitif


No Finger Nails - Quipu remixes / DubophonicSoon come a very original project with No Finger Nails on the production, remixing some tunes from a collective of musicians and "dreamers" from Europe named "Atome Primitif". The EP will be entitled "Quipu remixes" and will include four tracks with a very dub-ambient and mystical atmosphere. It will be available for free download on the 29th April 2017, so watch this space!

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Downbeat - Introspección [DPH029]


Downbeat - Introspección [DH029] // Dubophonic
Downbeat - Introspección [DH029] // DubophonicDownbeat is a project that mutates, changes with the time, transforms itself with life, without limits and without borders. Their second album takes the sound a step further towards experimentation. Downbeat look at their interior and connect themselves with genres they always got inspired from: Dub, Dubtronica, Jazz and Fusion.

"Introspección" is the beating of their heart, each heartbeat navigated by a different state of mind. Looking at oneself is like a magical journey within, guided by the mystical power of the ancestral plants.

The dub sounds are present throughout the album with atmospheric musical landscapes. This is not the typical dub album, trying to look like its coming out from an island ... this is the dub of the mountain ... the dub of the Andes ... the dub of the Aconcagua ... the dub of Las Heras. That's why it's hard, dark, cold and different. That is why it has power, hypnotism, strength and a sound of its own.

Let us navigate within ourselves, with the heart pulsating on each beat. Heavy Dub, experimental Dub, dedicated to the universe and its infinite power. A triangle for all to travel (SOUND-LIGHT-SHAPE)! 

01 Heartbeat / 02 Ganjah Time / 03 Afrik / 04 Black Panthers /
05 I & I / 06 Dub Machine / 07 Introspección

I&I aired on Black Country Radio UK Riddim Sessions
Reviewed by the Croatian Reggae Portal
Introspección & Afrik played on Radio Wave
4-page review by Cool Ruler Magazine
Reviewed by Rebel Base
Ganjah Time played on KBOO Portland 90 FM / High Reasoning Reggae Time
Review by the Reggae Beljam Community
Airplay on Echochamber by Saetchmo
Ganjah Time played on Meltin' Dub
I & I played on KBOO Portland 90 FM / High Reasoning Reggae Time
Airplay on Culture Dub Radio Show
Album reviewed by Irie Ites Germany
The Groove Thief plays Introspección on AfterFM 

New sounds coming from Argentina by Downbeat


Downbeat - Introspección // Dubohonic
Introspection is the examination of one's conscious thoughts & feelings. Introspection provides a privileged access to our own mental states, not mediated by other sources of knowledge, so that individual experience of the mind is unique. Introspection can determine any number of mental states: sensory, bodily, cognitive, emotional and so forth. "Introspeccion" is also the name of the new album of Downbeat, the project from Argentina that mutates, changes  with time, transforms itself with life, without limits and without borders. Get ready for some heavy experimental sounds!

DubRaJah - Reprise [DPH028]


[DPH028] Dubrajah - Reprice / Dubophonic
Our first release of 2017 and the second one on the label by the Russian social anthropologist and ethnomusicologist Sergey Gabbasov and his project Dubrajah is coming your way. You already know his release from year 2014 entitled “Enkang”, though which we discovered the artist's ability to fuse a deep digital dub style with organic sounds, traditional African melodies and chants from the people of Maasai, Datooga, Hadza, Pemba and Zanzibar tribes.

The new album entitled "Reprise" uses the same musical recipe, but with different ingredients. It was recorded last year in Russia, Nepal and India and includes 8 new tracks by the Russian artist. By this album Dubrajah delivers his returning to the start and principal point of his researches – to Asia. Using sampled sounds from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Mongolia, we are led into a magnificent dub journey through Asia. New sounds and vibrations, new destinations and inspirations!

All tracks recorded in Jaisalmer (India), Sauraha (Nepal) and Moscow (Russia) in March/November 2016. Photography by Sergey Gabbasov.

01 Welcome to Asia / 02 Coconut / 03 Arusha / 04 Ganja Chai /
05 Dao Dub / 06 Mad Honey / 07 Citwan / 08 Deep Karnataka

Reviewed by Radio Wave
Ganja Chai played on Echo Chamber
Coconut played by Pete Gogle  on The Dub Zone
Arusha played by Jahnabet on Irie Trip
Haji Mike plays DubRaJah on Outta My Yard

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