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Muflon Dub Soundsystem - In Love With Righteousness / 2005-2014 Best Dubs Compilation [DPH049]

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - In Love with Righteousness / Dubophonic (p) 2021
Muflon Dub Soundsystem is a musical project from Poland, delivering positive Dub and Roots Reggae inspired sounds since early 2000s, with a modern approach, lightweight harmonies, heavy drum and bass lines, simplicity with a touch of poetry, creative ideas with conscious message. 
The album In Love With Righteousness is a compilation of their best Dub tracks, recorded between 2005 and 2014. We can hear the evolution of their style and some of the most characteristic features of their sound (mellow vibe, steady riddim, catchy basslines, thrilling vocal lines). Most of the tracks of the compilation are included in their previous releases, which are available for free through their webpage and also on their Jamendo and Bandcamp page.
The album includes also Showered Ina Jah Jah Rain Dub, a previously unreleased Dub version of the tune of the same name, appearing on the album Everland. Actually, many of the songs from this compilation have their Reggae counterparts with mellow vocals and conscious lyrics, to be found in different past releases of Muflon Dub Soundsystem. What they all have in common, is the message: got to be in love with Righteousness!

01. Dream / 02. In Love With Righteousness / 03. Psalm 103 Dub / 04. Hopeful Dub / 05. He Is Alive In Dub / 06. Beatyfikowany Dub / 07. Showered Ina Jah Jah Rain Dub / 08. Jah Mettez Dub Of Dubs ft. Marcus Style / 09. What A Ting Dub / 10. Babylon System feat. Puppa V
Meltin' Dub plays Jah Metez Dub Of Dubz
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Sister Maki meets Swe - Prayers [DUB034]

Sister Maki - Prayers / Dubophonic 2021New EP coming from the Land of the Rising Sun with Sister Maki on the Vocals. The Osaka reggae singer, known through her collaboration with Dub Cmd in 2020 on Way To Zion (Pt. I & II), returns with a new EP. This time she collaborates with some great artists from her homeland Japan.

Produced by the multitalented Swe (producer, artist, event organiser, woodcrafter, Kette drum builder and landscape gardener) Prayers features Sister Maki, on the vocals, Ras Tamano from Nara (member of the roots reggae band, Desanc and maker of reggae artists dolls) on the melodica and Binghi-D on the Kette Drum.

CREDITS: Production & Riddims - Swe (JP) / Vocal & Lyrics (01) - Sister Maki (JP) / Melodica (02) - Ras Tamano (JP) / Kette Drum (03) - Binghi-D (JP) / Mixed & Mastered by Swe Rooting (JP) / Art Work by Mingalang

01 - Prayer (Sister Maki) / 02 - Judgement in the Rain (Ras Tamano)
03 - 3x3 Dub (Binghi-D) / 04 - Prayer Riddim (Swe) / 05 - Judgement in the Rain Riddim (Swe)

Judement In The Rain on Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber
Special 8th Anniversary Dubophonic showcase on El Cant De La Xtixarra
on Oslo Reggae Show
Prayer & Judgement In The Rain on Culture Dub Show
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Tokiboun In Dub - Mountain Vibrations [DUB033]

Tokiboun In Dub - Mountain Vibrations / Dubophonic (c) 2021Tokiboun In Dub - Mountain Vibrations / Dubophonic (c) 2021
Tokiboun in Dub is a French-Swiss producer. Reggae fan since he was 13 years old, he started to compose in 2008.  His music is generally steppa and experimental in the way of composing, with multiple influences. With participation in over 200 events travelling across Switzerland and sometimes crossing the borders of his country, sharing the stage with artists like Kimmy Gold, Cultural Warriors, Tetra Hydro K, Asher Selector, Koma Dub and an alternance of chill and electro tinted concerts, his music is definitely shaped for sound systems.

Having one album to his credit on the French label Marée Bass and being featured in compilations on diverse European labels, he continues with his first EP entitled Mountain Vibrations: a four track EP  - 2 tracks + 2 magnificent versions ft William Jacquemet on the trombone & Full Vibes on the flute!

Authentic character with an unshakable joy of living and desire to share his music, Tokiboun In Dub invites us to join his musical universe. A discovery made of magic!

CREDITS: All tracks composed by Tokiboun in Dub / Trombone by William Jacquemet / Flute by Full Vibes / Artwork & Design by @Alxthe1 / Mastering by K-Sänn Dub

TRACKLIST: 01 The Shepherd’s Air (original mix)  / 02 The Shepherd’s Air ft. William Jacquemet (trombone version) / 03 Faith Soothes (original mix) / 04 Faith Soothes ft. Full Vibes (flute version)
DJ Dapper Dan plays The Shepherd's Air on Skanking Delights
Special 8th Anniversary Dubophonic showcase on El Cant De La Xtixarra
Faith Soothes (Flute Version) on Organic Vibes
The Shepherd's Air ft. William Jacquemet on Culture Dub Radio
The Shepherd's Air on Espaço Zion
Faith Soothes & The Shepherd’s Air ft. William Jacquemet on Echochamber
Higher Reasoning Reggae Time plays Trombone & Flute versions
Dubblog recommended
Faith Soothes & Flute Version on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Faith Soothes ft. Full Vibes (flute version) on Meltin' Dub / RDWA
Favoured by FaRuff Wi Ruff
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Soul Fire, Professor Skank, Hermit Dubz - Rasta People We Are [DUB032]

Soul Fire, Professor Skank, Hermit Dubz - Rasta People We Are / Dubophonic Records

New 2021 mixes by Professor Skank and Hermit Dubz of the classic tune of Soul Fire "Rasta People", produced by Jah Smiley back in 2013 and originally included in the album Wake Up Your Lion.

The tune has received nuff love from the fans of the band, but since the album release, there was never a dub produced. So we took the initiative to offere you two differrent mixes alongside their relevant dub versions!

Roots & Steppas style !!! ❤️💛💚🙏🔥

Produced by Jah Smiley
Mastered by Hermit Dubz
Artwork :Adonis Psarras

TRACKLIST: 01 Rasta People We Are (Professor Skank mix) / 02 Rasta People We Are In Dub (Professor Skank dub mix) / 03 Rasta People We Are (Hermit Dubz steppers mix) / 04 Rasta People We Are in dub (Hermit Dubz steppers dub mix)
Special 8th Anniversary Dubophonic showcase on El Cant De La Xtixarra
Professor Skank mix on Organic Vibes
Professor Skank mix played by Northical on Paranoise Radio / Demolition Sound Radio Show
Professor Skank Remix played on Culture Dub Radio Show
Recommended by Reggae Revellers

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