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SistaSara - Space Stepper EP [DUB012]

SistaSara - Space Stepper EP / Dubophonic / 2019
SistaSara - Space Stepper EP / Dubophonic / 2019SistaSara is a female music producer, a freedom stepper, creating her own style of Reggae Dub music mainly influenced by UK Stepper, PsyDub and Trip Hop. We call it “Hypnotic dub music with a psychedelic touch”.

Sara Fuga was born in Venice, Italy, with Italian mother & Nigerian father. She started as a session drummer and backing vocalist in numerous bands and projects in Italy from 1995 till 2003. In Spring 2003 she moved to London, UK, where she began studying music production. The London Dub scene was a crucial influence in her music development and it is a core factor in her music identity.

Sara is now an independent experimental Dub music producer. Alongside her Solo productions, she collaborates with other fellow producers as a songwriter & vocalist and in Summer 2015 she moved to Oakland California, USA.

Her first EP on our label is called Space Stepper and includes the following five musical compositions:
Illusions Space Stepper: a space dub cut of a tune called Illusions of Time, which will be included in her upcoming album “Universal”.
Altered Dimensions: a deep and minimal dub remix, a revisitation of Illusions of Time.
Isaiah: a deep, hypnotic and meditative dub tune, which is dedicated to the Prophet Isaiah.

Throughout and Throughout Space Dub are written in traditional UK Steppa style, filled with bass and tribal stepper drums that will hopefully keep you on an upliftment mode.
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01 Illusions Space Stepper / 02 Altered Dimensions / 03 Throughout / 04 Throughout Space Dub / 05 Isaiah

Reviewed by the Beljam Reggae Community
Illusions Space Stepper on Variations show 18/1/19 on 91.3 KBCS Seattle
Recommended by Soulguru 

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Hypnotic dub music by SistaSara ... coming soon!

SistaSara / Dubophonic
Sista Sara has been doing music since 1995, as session drummer, backing vocalist or producer. Born in Italy, she is now living in the USA and she will be releasing her first EP on our label on the 16th of January 2019. Get ready for some hypnotic dub music with a psychedelic touch!

.... illusions of time in Babylon
.... release your mind now
.... you know you can be strong
.... there are no limits cause you know you don't belong
.... set yourself free today you know it's been too long


Daily Vibes awards Best Album of 2018 to Culture Horn

Best album of 2018 / Culture Horn / Madi Simmons / Med Dred / Dubophonic / Cyprus

The year 2018 starts with some great news four our label. The Russian portal Daily Vibes has just completed the voting for the title of "Best Album of the Year". Daily Vibes is a portal on the VK platform, dedicated to reggae music in all its sub genres: from Rocksteady to Roots Reggae and dub, to jungle and modern dancehall. They publish news, releases and other materials, organize events, etc.

Nominated were six of the most interesting works related to the genre of reggae released by Russian artists, among them the Moscow Culture Horn sound system.

Madi Simmons / Culture Horn / Med Dred / Dubophonic

The voting was completed on the 6th January 2018. With 799 votes out of total 2109 voters (37.89% of the total votes), and with the reggae fans having a difficult choice between the very different reggae styles, the release of Culture Horn Sound System with the participation of USA reggae artist Madi Simmons, I'm A Rootsman was voted BEST ALBUM OF 2018!

We are deeply honored about the results of the voting. Give thanks to all who voted and supported our project and respect to all artists who promote the conscious reggae vibrations. Much love to Madi Simmons, Culture Horn, Med Dred, Jahpapu & all the people who contributed to this. Give thanks also to the Boss Magazine Artist Beat for the great article on the award!

DubRaJah - Nilotic [DUB011]

DubRaJah - Nilotic / Dubophonic
DubRaJah - Nilotic / DubophonicDubrajah, one of the most prolific Dubophonic artists, is back with his new release.  The ethnomusicologist from Russia continues to follow the path he started in year 2014, demonstrating with each release his ability to fuse a deep digital dub style with organic sounds, traditional African melodies and chants. After Enkang (2014) and Reprise (2017), the Russian artist Sergey Gabbasov returns with his new EP entitled Nilotic.

Nilotic is a group of people indigenous to the Nile valley. Dubrajah’s new music is a journey inspired by the cultures of East Africa and specifically by the Nilotic people. All compositions include samples of traditional music and singing of Twa, Karamojong, Maasai & Swahili people.

The first track Mji Mkongwe (which means "old town" in Swahili language) is inspired by an old part of the Zanzibar city, which is also known as "Stone Town". This town from the time of its foundation has been the melting pot of people and cross-point of cultures of Indian ocean - from Madagascar to Iran, from Congo to Indonesia.

Karamoja, the second track, applies to a region in the North of Uganda. its main inhabitants are Nilotic people, Karamojong and Ik, who are semi-nomadic pastoralists.

The last track refers to Bwindi, a large primeval forest in southwestern of Uganda (means "impenetrable" in Runyakitara language), which includes the half of the world's population of mountain gorillas. Previously it was inhabited by Twa pygmies - hunter-gatherers, first indigenous people, who have been resettled by the government outside of the forest, because of creation of the National Park.
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01 Mji Mkongwe / 02 Karamoja / 03 Bwindi

Recommended by Dubside Radio
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Ann-D plays Mji Mkongwe on Sheffield Live Radio 
Norhical plays Mji Mkongwe during Demolition Show on Paranoise Radio
Reviewed by Rebel Base
Bwindi and Mji Mkongwe played by Visionary Sound System Show for RIFF Radio
Bwindi on Variations show 18/1/19 on 91.3 KBCS Seattle 

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