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[DUB005] Hermit Dubz ft. Knati P - Fyah Fi Babylon


Cat. Nr.: [DUB005]
Artist: Hermit Dubz ft. Knati P
Title: Fyah Fi Babylon
Genre: Roots, Reggae, Dancehall, Dub
Country: Cyprus, Jamaica
Release date: 23/07/2016

Hermit Dubz: The elusive dub hermit, often unseen, toiling away in his hermit cave, meditating on low frequency vibrations. This secretive character grew up travelling the world. From an early age, the love of reggae and dub was instilled in him, and would remain his deepest love. Moving to England in the 90s as a teenager, he discovered the newly awakening electronic dance music scene and was soon DJing and creating his own sonic experiments. Over the years, the reclusive Hermit Dubz has been accumulating a horde of dub influenced sonic artefacts, and more recently building the Hermit Cave studios in Birmingham, Uk. After a long period of experimentation, isolation, meditation and contemplation, Hermit Dubz has re-emerged, ready to unleash his sonic relics.

Knati P:  Musician, painter (the artwork for this release is a painting by Knati), and entertaining performer with a unique vocal style. He studied at the Jamaica School of Art, moved to Brixton, London, in the late 1980s and regularly took part in the Notting Hill festival. In the year 2000 he was voted MC of the year. He has an impressive recording/performing record (Pineapple Tribe, Jah Observer, R.D.K, Manasseh, Equalizer, Skanga International Muzik etc.) and is a much respected lyricist, vocalist and MC.

The two artists met in Surrey, UK, at a dance where Knati was performing with his local sound system, Da Vinci. They have been friends and musical collaborators ever since, and the result is some great riddims, which remained hidden in the Hermit’s cave for quite some time. We managed to get hold of some those tracks and we present them to you today in the form of an EP. "Fyah fi Babylon” consists of 3 vocal tracks and 3 blazing dubs. We hope that the bass heavy sound of Hermit Dubz and the original Jamaican voice of Knati P will be the perfect combination for your upliftment.

(download in different formats/quality)
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(The cd includes three additional bonus cuts not included in the digital release)

01 Knati P - Fyah fi Babylon / 02 Hermit Dubz - Fyah fi Babylon dub / 03 Knati P - Boom Draw / 04 Hermit Dubz - Boom  Draw dub / 05 Knati P - Last Chance / 06 Hermit Dubz - Last Chance dub

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Cyprus meets Jamaica / Hermit Dubz meets Knati P


Cyprus meets Jamaica Part 2 // After Med Dred and Ibel Campbell's release "Love fi Life" back in 2013, a second collarboration of artists from these two countries is on its way. Coming out July 23rd, to mark the Earthstrong of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I, Hermit Dubz, the elusive dub hermit fromCyprus meets the much respected lyricist/vocalist/ MC Knati P (voted MC of the year in 2000) in a power combination. "Fyah Fi Babylon" (EP) will include 3 vocal tracks and 3 dubs with blazing vibes and will also be available also on CD with 3 bonus riddim versions (one for each track). Here is a small taste of the coming vibratinons!

Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman - Education Fi Resist


[DUB004] Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman - Education Fi Resist // DubophonicCat. Nr.: [DUB004]
Artist: Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman 

Title: Education fi Resist
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Dancehall/Ragga, Stepper
Release date: 01/07/2016

[DUB004] Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman - Education Fi Resist // DubophonicThe Infiammati Dub project was born back in year 2012 in Bitonto, Apulia, Southern Italy. Giuseppe, Gwada and Giuseppe Teofilo, appeared as a crew selecting in bars and with the local sound systems. Their vibes were received with great joy and it was only a matter of time to evolve and take the next step …. And they did indeed evolve into a heavyweight soundsystem touring the land and spreading the positive vibrations, alongside many of the most known soundsystems of the country.

Infiammati Dub participated as a soundsystem in many dub festivals, spreading the conscious vibrations and also stared working on their own music, which many times is performed live on their soundsystem.  Soon the first productions started emerging from the local soundsystem culture. Their sound is majestic and every time they drop a tune, it’s like a warrior gathering.

"Education Fi Resist" is a heavyweight warrior’s stepper and features the chanting of Mannaroman. It is presented as a digital single in two different cuts. We hope you feel the vibes!

(download in different formats/quality)

01 Infiammati Dub ft. Mannaroman - Education fi Resist / 02 Infiammati Dub -Education fi Restst dub


Kevin Moore plays Infiammati Dub on Black Country Radio
Reggaespace incudes Infiammati Dun it the HOT 9 new releases

The heavyweight sound of Infiammati Dub


After some delay, we are finally ready for our first release this summer. It may be only a digital single but it is a HEAVY one.

The Infiammati Dub project was born back in 2012 in southern Italy and since then it evolved into a heavyweight soundsystem touring the land and spreading the positive vibrations alongside many of the most known soundsystems of the country and participating in many dub festivals. Their sound is majestic and every time they drop a tune its like a warrior gathering. "Education Fi Resist" features the chanting of Mannaroman and will be released in two different cuts on the 1st of July 2016. Are you ready?

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