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Dub Cmd & SistaSara - Deeper Understanding [DPH040]

DubCmd & Sista Sara - Deeper Understanding / Dubophonic Records 2019
"Show appreciation, let it glow
Daily introspection, let it flow

Light for every nation you will see
Consciousness expanding

Deeper understanding

Let everyone know life is worth so much more
And the blessings can reveal that for sure
May everyone know life is worth so much more
And the blessings can reveal that for sure

Eventually light will shine on again
Humankind rebirth / Soul-search on earth

 Let everyone know life is worth so much more
And the blessings can reveal that for sure"

Dub Cmd: Music, mixing & mastering / SistaSara: Lyrics, vocals & remix / DiP SouLion: Artwork

This EP is a true child of Dubophonic Records. Both artists released earlier this year their own musical works on the label: SistaSara's Space Stepper and Dub Cmd's Moonsteppa. The admiration of each other's music led to their first collaboration … and they are both working on some more tunes, since SistaSara will be giving a word and a voice on some tracks on Dub Cmd's upcoming album in 2020.  
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01 Deeper Understanding / 02 Deeper Understanding Version  / 03 Deeper Understanding (SistaSara RMX)

Played by Warren Roots on Flirt FM Ireland
Played by Ras Memo on High Tibes
Recommended by Musical Echoes
Recommended by dub-a-rebel
Aired on RDWA 107.5FM by Meltin' Dub

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Seek Jah First - Hermit Dubz / Robert Dallas / Ranking Joe / Med Dred / Bongo Damo [DUBR-1201]

 Seek Jah First - Hermit Dubz / Robert Dallas / Ranking Joe / Med Dred / Bongo Damo / Dubophonic Records 2019 / Cyprus
After six years of digital releases, we open now a new chapter, with vinyl releases coming from Cyprus. We are so happy and excited to announce our debut vinyl release entitled SEEK JAH FIRST.

SEEK JAH FIRST is out on a 12-inch vinyl. Produced by the Cypriot artist Hermit Dubz out of Birmingham UK, it features 2 great vocals by the Jamaican singers Robert Dallas and Ranking Joe, a melodica-djembe version by Med Dred and Bongo Damo, plus the obligatory heavy dub version for the soundsystems by Hermit Dubz.Vinyl Mastering and Pressing by Jah Tubbys.


Showcased by Warren Roots on Flirt FM Ireland
Dr Strangedub on Echo Chamber KFAI Minneapolis 90.3 FM
Alchemist Dub spins Ranking Joe and Hermit Dubz version
Queen Naffi spins Seek Jah First & Melodjembe Cut on Rockers n Dub Show / Roots Legacy Radio
Great review by Alex Dub on Culture Dub
Warren Roots plays Ranking Joe on Flirt FM
Selecta Jerry showcases the release on The Sounds Of The Caribbean
Saetchmo with some new Bass Therapy on the latest Echochamber
R&D Vibes spin Robert Dallas
I-Mitri spins all four cuts on the 9th episode of United Nations Of Dub
Selectress Nurstacris on The Nurstalove Show
Showcased on Oslo Reggae Show
Featured on The Dub Zone
Showcased on Live And Give Sessions
Showcased on RastFM
Recommended by Dancehall Reggae World

Roots Masashi - Namah Shivaya [DPH039]

Roots Masashi - Namah Shivaya / Dubophonic Records / 2019 Cyprus
Roots Masashi is a Roots Rock / New Roots composer from Osaka, Japan. He drew his inspiration from friends in high school and fell in love with conscious reggae music.  He was fascinated by Osaka’s dub scene, especially after meeting the “Dub I Roots Crew” and “Rebel Culture” in 2012 and soon after, he started building “Roots Far I”, his own Sound System and Digital Live project, based in Kishiwada of South Osaka. His devotion to Roots Rock Reggae, New Roots and Dub guided him all around Japan, touring with the soundsystem and urging him to reach new musical heights

His first release on Dubophonic Records is a musical and holy salutation to the Auspicious, an adoration to the Most High. Based on one of the most important Mantras in the Shaivism tradition, Namah Shivaya is associated with qualities of prayer, divine-love, grace, truth, and blissfulness. It calms the mind and brings spiritual insight and knowledge. Traditionally, it is accepted to be a powerful healing mantra beneficial for all physical and mental ailments. “Na” sound represents the earth, “Mah” sound represents the water, “Shi” sound represents the fire, “Va” sound represents the air and “Ya” sound represents thesky. Its total meaning is that "universal consciousness is one". The recitation of these syllables is sound therapy for the body and nectar for the inner self and the soul.
Bandcamp  ►

Namah Shivaya & Verse 3 on Culture Dub Show / Radio Pulsar
Reviewed by Culture Dub
Broadcasted on The Dub Zone
Verse 2 played on Meltin' Dub 107.5FM RDWA
Broadcasted on Organic Vibes / Radioactive Internantional

Roots Masashi ... soon come!

This a small taste from the forthcoming release of Roots Masashi, original heavyweight producer and founder of Roots Far I soundsystem from Osaka, Japan. Digital single coming out next week with three heavyweight cuts of one of the most important Mantras in the Shaivism tradtion. Namah Shivaya!

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