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[DPH026] Eter Dub - In Da Name Of Jah


Cat. Nr.: [DPH026]
Artist: Eter Dub
Title: In Da Name Of Jah
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Fusion
Country: Argentina
Release date: 22/10/2016

Eter Dub was founded by the dub master Federico Balza, in Mendoza (Argentina).  The project was floating around the air for some years until the first works came out in 2015 through a self-release called "JaH-Fi". Federico Balza (flute/sax) is a graduated musician from the Universidad Nacionalde de Cuyo with studies on classical flute and member of the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil (1st flute) in Argentina. As saxophonist (tenor/alt), flutist and keyboard player he collaborated with many reggae, dub and hip-hop bands like Zona Ganjah, Downbeat and Negritage touring around the underground scene of Latin America (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil).

Eter Dub offers a new fresh breeze in dub music. His sound cannot be framed into one genre. It is definitely dub, but with references not only to his classical musical studies but also into jazz, which is his second nature. Each composition offers originality and an alternative approach to dub music. From the “linguistical” approach on Hand Of Jah, to the slow and wild “Ras-Sax”, from the funk-jazzy “Jah Trax 5” to the adventurous “Jah Jah Love”, all seven tracks of the EP build a new concept of dub music. Be prepared for something different

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Eter Dub is coming your way


New Dubophonic release coming straight outta Argentina next week. Original organic dubwize sounds by Eter Dub from Mendoza, a project founded by Federico Balza (flute/sax), graduated musician from the Universidad Nacionalde de Cuyo with studies on classical flute and member of the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil (1st flute) in Argentina. Having lots of collaborations with other Latin America artists and participations in other projects from Argentina (Downbeat, Negritage), Eter Dub offers a new fresh breeze in Dub music. Be prepared for something different! Out on 22 Oct for free download .... so watch this space!

Dubophonic jumps on the Caravan of Dub


It was a great week with Dub Caravan in Cyprus. Well, Dub Caravan is not just one man, it is a whole project. Felix Russ Abu had the idea to create a musical caravan that would always be in motion, never bound to a single location, country or city. His vision is to travel the world, recruit poets, singers, musicians and other artists to bring to the musical waves new and original exotic sounds

He arrived to Cyprus for a short stop. The Dubophonic oasis was a fertilite spot for a live performance at a place called Echo alongside Med Dred, A four hour session took place in Nicosia including an irie warmup by Unity Crew with Dub Thomas & Antreas Kassos ina rootikal dubwise style and with Christina Polykarpou improvising on the dubs with her custom made lyra, giving a special Mediterranean feeling to the whole evening. Then it became warmer and deeper as Med Dred took the mic, while Dub Caravan was following after each track with his live dubs and his creative mixing on the spot.

... and of course at the end it was time for a unity session! Give thanks to all people who were there and supported us. More to come soon!

Another session took place at the Dubophonic headquarters and was broadcasted through the airways of Outta My Yard radio. Two hours of roots and dubs with Med Dred singing and chanting and Dub Caravan performing some creative dub mixing. Enjoy!

Dub Caravan ft. Med Dred ina live session in Cyprus


Dubophonic presents for only one special night in Nicosia/Cyprus, straight outta UK, Dub Caravan. Being one of the leading reggae/dub producers of Europe, Felix Russ Abu aka Dub Caravan will appear for a live session on the 14th Sept 2016 at Echo in Nicosia. The artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer creates multi-dimensional musical landscapes for listeners craving something fresh and original. 

Having worked with many world artists like Nambo Robinson, Hornsman Coyote, Zafayah, Shaky Norman, Ras Zacharri and Haji Mike, Dub Caravan will appear alongside the Cypriot producer/MC/instrumentalist Med Dred and will perform live music from their new release "Dread Sea Scrolls" (digital release on Bandcamp on Dread Camel Records) and also from his previous works, as well as tunes from his collaborations with Dubophonic. 

Join us for a night of conscious reggae music with a unique blend of Mediterranean and Middle East influences. Warmup session by our own Unity Crew sound.

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