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Med Dred meets Shaky Norman - King Solomon's Dub


Artist: Med Dred, Shaky Norman
Title: King Solomon's Dub
Cat: [DUB002]
Genre: Roots Reggae, Dub
Cyprus, France, UK
Release date: 20/11/2015

It is with great joy that Dubophonic hosts in this release two of the most prolific artists and acknowledged melodica players of Europe. Representing Cyprus, long time friend and resident Dubophonic artist Med Dred takes over the right channel of the recording, showcasing his original Mediterranean-style play on the alto melodica, while on the left channel the worldwide acknowledged French artist Shaky Norman shines through his performance on the soprano melodica, polished by his 25-year experience in music. They are accompanied by Dub Caravan on the electric guitar and the bass, a fine addition indeed!

"King Solomon's Dub" is based on an original one-drop roots reggae riddim, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Med Dred, and co-produced by Med Dred and Dub Caravan. The riddim is presented in three different versions and is available from all major online stores and also on cd in limited quantities.

"King Solomon's Melodica Duet" is what it says: a playful musical reasoning in a strictly meditation style, with the two melodica players engaging in a "question and answer" game, improvising on the chords and completing each other, while Dub Caravan sets the pace through his basslines. The next two versions lead into deeper meditation, taking the vibes into new levels. Med Dred’s “hybrid dubwize” version accomplishes this through digital and analogue techniques, while Dub Caravan serves a strictly analogue version, using deep echoes and playful reverb!

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TRACKS: 01 King Solomon’s Melodica Duet (Med Dred meets Shaky Norman) / 02 King Solomon’s Dub (Med Dred) // 03 King Solomon’s Analogue Upliftment (Dub Caravan)

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Meditation vibes by Med Dred & Shaky Norman


If you ever wonder how would two great Mediterranean melodica players sound, when they play together, then we have the answer. We are really happy for our next release, since we host our long time friend Med Dred representing Cyprus and the world acknowledged Shaky Norman representing France, playing together in unity in the true reggae spirit. Based on a one-drop roots reggae riddim, composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Med Dred and co-produced by Med Dred and Dub Caravan, the single will be released in three cuts. It will be available through all major online stores and on limited CD copies. Release date: 20th November 2015

Koncrete Roots on all major online stores


[DUB001] Koncrete Roots - Rudies in Dub
All VIP releases are from now on available not only on Bandcamp, but also on all major online stores, distributed on more than 60 places (online marketplaces, radio stations and other sites), where you can listen and download them.

Starting up with a re-release of last year's LP of Koncrete Roots, "Rudies in Dub" offers a collection of 12 heavyweight tracks, among them a heavy version of the “classic” Inity Step ina jungle dubplate style and dubs of  "Universal Dub" and "River Jordan. “Rudies in Dub” continues the vibes of “Dub ina Midlands”, offering strictly warrior style beats with a heavy dose of wall-shaking basslines, ingredients that became the acoustic trademark of Koncrete Roots.

The release is available as a digital download or on CD , but from now you have also the possibility to download each track separately, in case you like only some of the tracks on the release. Soon come our brand new VIP release!
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TRACKS: 01 A50 Dub // 02 Anti Racism Dub // 03 Universal Dub II // 04 Gorger Ina Jungle // 05 Carnival Steppa // 06 Sound Killah Dub // 07 Lo’fa Dub // 08 Kartikeya // 09 River Jordan II // 10 Inity Step (Jungle Dubplate) // 11 Carnival Dub // 12 Lexicon Dub

Med Dred's "Dred Reggae" now on CD


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Since many people have been asking about the availability of our releases on "hard copies", we have decided to proceed with the printing of some selected releases on CD. After Koncrete Roots' "Rudies in Dub" from last year, we are releasing on CD another title from our back catalog,  Med Dred's EP "Dred Reggae". Both CDs are available on demand for a limited time. Next step, vinyl. More info soon!

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