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Culture Horn ft. Madi Simmons - I Am A Rootsman


Culture Horn Madi Simmons - I am a rootsman / Duophonic
Culture Horn Madi Simmons - I am a rootsman / DuophonicCulture Horn Sound System is a weighty and heavyweight Russian dub sound system from the town of Kremenki in the Kaluga region in Russia. Built in year 2012, it managed to gather at least a dozen of musicians are around it, forming a big musical family from all over Russia. Armed with dubplates from local and international artists produced exclusively for CHSS, their sound is constantly being improved. Culture Horn Sound System plays a very important role in the local sound system culture and scene of Russia, not only playing uncompromising roots reggae and heavyweight steppers, but also releasing their own reggae and dub compositions on vinyl.

On their first release on Dubophonic, Cullture Horn collaborate with Madi Simmons, hailing from the USA and Dubophonic resident artist Med Dred, representing the likkle island of Cyprus. Madi has been performing and recording music for the last 20 years, going through lots of blood, sweat and tears in the music industry. Having toured the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, California and the Midwest and being just recently voted as BEST MALE INDIE REGGAE ARTIST of 2018, Madi had a lots of ups and downs, nevertheless loving every minute of it and enjoying not following the rules of reggae music (whatever they are).

The EP includes all together 6 tracks:  The first one is done ina dubplate style followed by a melodica version by Jahpapu and an uncompromising CHSS-dub. The second one is the title track, followed by a special melodica dubmix by Med Dred and a heavyweight dub by CHSS, demonstrating the uncompromising style of the artists. Culture Horn Sound System is coming to shake your town!

1. Culture Horn ft Madi Simmons - Dubplate / 2. Culture Horn ft. Jahpapu - Dubplate Version II / 3. Culture Horn - Dubplate Version III / 4. Cultre Horn ft. Madi Simmons - I am a Rootsman / 5. Culture Horn ft. Med Dred - Rootsman Dub (Dubophonic Dubmix) / 6. Culture Horn - Rootsman Dub Version III

Showcase of the EP in Ireland on Ethnic Dubwise FlirtFm 
Played by Selecta Jerry on Sounds of the Caribbean
Dubplate Version 3 recommended by Le Blog
Recommended by Dub-A-Rebel 
Played on Culture Dub Radio Show on Radio Pulsar 95.9 FM France

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Dubophonic showcase on Flirt 103.1 FM Ireland


Warren Roots Ethnic Dubwise Dubophonic Dub thomas
It was a great honor to be invited on FlirtFm 103.1, the community radio of Galway, ireland, to present our new releases on his Ethnic Dubwise show. If u missed the session you can listen it again on now and have a little taste of the things to come! Give thanks Mr. Warren Roots for the kind invitation to be part of your show. More love outta Cyprus . 

Culture Horn / Madi Simmons Jahpapu - (dubplates)
Culture Horn / Madi Simmons / Med Dred - I am a rootsman + dub
Zion Dirty Sound - I chase the devil (dubplate)
Med Dred ft. Kyri Roots - Zoogie bun + dub (pre-release)
The Manor - Mattic Manor / No WW3 + dub (pre-release)
Foshan Roots - Snake Attack Dub
Med Dred - Mouseclick Reggae
Moune - La Root / Ideals (pre-release)
Utopian Sound - Political dub (pre-release)
Kama Dub - Ayi giri Nandini (pre-release)

New Release: Culture Horn ft. Madi Simmons + guests


Culture Horn, Madi Simmons, Jahpapu, Med Dred, Dubophonic -Outernational Roots Reggae

Outernational uncompromising roots reggae gathering coming your way! Our new release is produced by the heavyweight Russian dub Soundsystem Culture Horn (CHSS). It will include 2 vocal tracks with the velvet voice of Madi Simmons with two dubs on each track. Special appearance of Jahpapu and Med Dred ..... if you are a rootsman, this one is not to be missed! Out on the 9th of June 2018!

Med Dred - Dred Reggae (re-release from 2013)


Med Dred - Dred Reggae / Dubophonic

The Dred Reggae EP was originally released in 2013 on very few CDs and will be now available from the 24th May 2018 on all major online stores. It includes six tracks, dubbed and remixed in Cyprus by Med Dred exclusive for Dubophonic. Heavy one drops, deep echoes and reverbs, heart pounding bass lines and conscious lyrics are the ingredients of his musical recipe. Accompanied by many guests, Med Dred creates his own personal sound, nevertheless remaining true to the original vibration of roots reggae music.

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Empty Words and Dub-o-phonic Words on Culture Dub Radio 
Empty Words and Dub-o-phonic Words on Sounds of the Caribbean (559)
Mouseclick Reggae on Ethnic Dubwise FlirtFm
Jahnoy on  Sounds of the Caribbean (560)

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