Creation Rockers - Let's Make Waves [DPH052]

Creation Rockers - Let's Make Waves / Dubophonic (C) (P) 2022
We continue digging into the lost archives of Springline Records, one of the most underrated reggae and dub labels of the UK, which has been operational from 2003 until 2012. With artists coming mainly coming from the UK underground, the style of the label was strongly influenced by the Jamaican roots music of the 70s with a sound very kin to that of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Black Ark studio. After 10 years of operation, two vinyl releases and many tapes and digital releases the label stopped its operations in 2013, with the owner of the label Gibsy Rhodes deciding to put an end to that musical adventure. What is left nowadays are some articles/reviews on the internet and some music scattered online, reminding the era of a great label, which unfortunately did not get the recognition it deserved, as well as a usb stick handed over to us by Gisby Rhodes, with some musical treasures from that time: demos, unreleased and rare tracks.

Recorded in the legendary CAF Studios, Let’s Make Waves and Soul Fighter by the band Creation Rockers were originally released in 2012 as an extended play. The band members were Brad Ī¤urner aka The Manor (also member of Foshan Roots) on the guitar & vocals, Alan Blizzard aka Yabass also on guitar & vocals, Drummie Dan on the drums & vocals and Papa D on the keyboards. Ten years later, we shine some light on this obscure release, keeping the original artwork but including for the first time three rare tracks, which were not included in the original release.

Creation Rockers are The Manor (Guitar, Vocal), Yabass (Guitar, Vocal), Drummie Dan (Drums, Vocal) and Papa D (Keyboards).

01 Lets Make Waves / 02 Soul Fighter / 03 Jah Light Dub / 04 Tuff Gong / 05 Where Is The Light

Dutchie Gold meets Kaleya - Been There And Seen [DUB049]

Dutchie Gold meets Kaleya  Been There And seen [DUB049] (c) (p) Dubophonic 2022
Kaleya was born in Athens, Greece and started his music journey as a guitarist. He has been involved in various bands and projects, such as Bongo Tchaka, Musinair, Kilimanjaro and as a bass player in Remi & The Road and Los Dos O Mas. He is aslo DJ playing at various reggae/dub events and is a member of Reggaewise Selectors, Origins Soundsystem and Bliondy’s Mini Sound. In 2018, he started hosting his own podcast Kosmos Dub Factory on Kosmos FM, one of the most popular radio stations in Greece.

Dutchie Gold was born in Mandeville/Jamaica and started working with the sound systems of his neighborhood as a teenager. He worked with Junior Reid, Shaggy Dread, General Trees, Professor Nuts & more. His recording career started in 1991 with Gold Gun and followed by works with Junior Reid label, The Washington DC based label 2 Tuff, and the legendary New York sound system/ label Massive B. In 1994, he recorded his first album entitled Dutchie Gold in Germany, which led him to work with artists like Error Dunkley, Michael Prophet, Nado Ranks & others. Further tracks were released on German Reggae Compilations and in 2006 he released the album Mission To Righteousness.

Wosui is the Deep Dub solo project of Gabriel Mentis (Reggaewise, Urban Danja), born in 1987 and based in Athens, Greece. Having a classical music studies background, playing the violin and participating in school bands, he discovered cubase and started making his own beats. From 2008 to 2018 he was the member Dub Riots alongside iGL, a Reggae-Dub producing and live duo. In 2012 he started the project Wosui, a journey to the world of deep echoes, dub and soundsystem aesthetics, along with low frequencies basslines. He has released music for labels such as Dub Communication, Iron Shirt, Dubophonic, Indigo Movement and others. He has organized many events and headlined all over Greece, including international guests such as Radikal Guru, Leon Switch, Mexican Stepper, Skarra Mucci and many others.

Dutchie and Kaleya met in 2020 when Dutchie visited Greece for an event with El Paso Soundsystem. The night before the event, they recorded the track at Bliondy’s Sound Station. The following months, 2 dub versions were created, following the original version. Wosui then joined the family to produce a remix and a dub version of the original track.  

Produced by Dimitris Lappas / Vocals & Lyrics : Allen Devon Anthony / Mastered by Gabriel Mentis / Cover art by: Lila Frenopoulou / Cover photo by: Mayo Darling / Special thanks goes to: Donnie Dub & the El Paso Family, Bliondy, George Spiris, Mayo Darling, Sophia Bouchama. 


01 Been There An Seen (Original Version) / 02 Been There and Seen (Science Version) / 03 Been There and Seen (Mad Version) / 04 Been There and Seen (Wosui Remix) / 05 Been There and Seen (Wosui Dub)

Been There An Seen (original & science versions) on Hight Times
Been There An Seen (original version)
on Rebublik Kalacuta / RTS Radio Television Suisse
Been There An Seen (original version)
on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Showcased on Reggae Burning Etxea
Showcased on El Cant de la Xitxarra
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Original Version
and Wosui Dub in the latest Echochamber Berlin
Been There And Seen
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Sir Racha meets Mighty Sharp - Gimme The Weed [DUB047]

Sir Racha meets Mighty Sharp - Gimme The Weed (c) Dubophonic Records 2022
Middlesbrough producer Chris Nottingham returns in 2022 with a brand new project. Having already two releases on Dubophonic under the name High & I in 2020 and 2021 (Almighty Thunder & Coronavirus), he returns as Sir Racha with more heavyweight vibes. Once again, he collaborates with Mighty Sharp from West London on this new tune!

Gimme The Weed is a heavy soundsystem tune with Mighty Sharp on the vocals and is presented in five versions for your mental satisfaction.

We have also included some extra dubplate cuts of the Wise Riddim.

Press play, rewind and play again!

Produced by Chris Nottingham
Lyrics and Vocals by Steve Sharp

01 Gimme The Weed / 02 Gimme The Dub / 03 Dub The Weed /04 Dubplate Mix / 05 Gimme The Instrumental / 06 Wise Riddim / 07 Dub Wise / 08 Wise Dub

Gimme The Weed on Espaco Zion
Showcased on El Cant de la Xitxarra
Gimme The Weed + Dub
on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Wise Riddim on Time To Roots
Gimme The Weed & Dub The Weed on Echochamber
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Gimme The Weed & Gimme The Dub
on Culture Dub Show
Gimme The Weed at Nr.3 at the Dub Charts
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Muflon Dub Soundsystem - Moc [DUB048]

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - Moc / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2022
Muflon Dub Soundsystem, the musical project from Poland, comes with a solid portion of uplifting sound. The new album is called Moc, which means Power! It consists of five original compositions and five Dub versions, one of which produced by Dub Cmd, one of the most prolific producers of Dubophonic Records! Musically you receive a nice piece of roots-influenced digital dub. heavy riddim and bass, slow pace, upfull pulsation, and lots of dubwise effects, from lightweight one-drop to heavy steppers for soundsystems.
Musically you receive a nice piece of roots-influenced digital dub. heavy riddim and bass, slow pace, upfull pulsation, and lots of dubwise effects, from lightweight one-drop to heavy steppers for soundsystems

In terms of message, things are getting biblical here. Because whenever tribulation comes upon I and I, the word of JAH is always there for us. The title track Moc, is strongly inspired by the Book of Revelation, as these hard times can be lived through as Revelation Time. Its lyrics say:

“Power you got to experience / Glory which has to reveal / Truth which sets you free / Words worth remembering / Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks / and honor and power and strength / He will come again!” 

Another song, Emmanuel, also leads us to some mystical areas. Its inspiration also comes from the Bible, precisely, Luke 19, 44: Emmanuel! Recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

Composed and recorded by Muflon Man / Produced and mastered by: Muflon Man (1-9) - Dub Cmd (10) / Vocals: Karolina (2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10)  Muflon Man (2, 3, 7, 8) 

1. Jah Gdynia / 2. Moc / 3. Emmanuel / 4. Journey Goes On / 5. Be Blessed / 6. Jah Gdynia Dub / 7. Moc Dub / 8. Emmanuel Dub / 9. Journey Goes Dub / 10. Be Blessed Dub (feat. Dub Cmd)

Journey Goes Dub on the Sounds Of The Caribbean
Review on Belgian portal Reggae.Be
Showcased on Echochamber
Played on the Space Is The Place radio show
Jah Gdynia
on Offbeat Reggae Radio Show
on Espaco Zion
Journey Goes On 
on the Sounds Of The Caribbean
Journey Goes Dub on PCP #737
Interviewed by Strefa Dread on Polish National Radio
Journey Goes On & Dub
on Culture Dub Radio
Album in the Top 3 New Releases of ReggaeSpace
on Time To Roots
Be Blessed Dub at Nr.8 of the HearThis Charts
Featured on the Indonesian webzine Kultur Media
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Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation [DUB046]

Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation / Dubophonic (c) 2022Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation / Dubophonic (c) 2022

Multi instrumentalist and producer Sax N Dub from Montevideo Uruguay has been playing on the sound system scene with his own productions and international collaborations since 2014, with participation in may international festivals such as Dub Camp (France), Dub Stone (Italy) Manuel dub (Sicily), Ecologikal Reggae and Reggae Live Festival (Mexico) among others.
Having more than 20 publications on cd, digital and vinyl and numerous collaborations with labels such as Black Redemption (USA) Bass Revelation, Invasion records and Green Beats (Mexico) and Stepping Stone (Argentina), he appears for the first appearance on Dubophonic Records with his new album New Generation, teaming up with Zion Irie on the vocals, a long-time label family artist.
Zion Irie, born and grew up in UK/South London (Brixton) in an African Ghana household, has already a rich musical history: collaborations with many artists (Ackboo, Kanka, Weeding Dub, Dubsynaticx, Komadub, Negritage, Red Star Martyrs, Ashley), sharing the stage with names like Horace Andy, Brother Culture and a having a few releases and appearances on our label.
Focusing now on the New Generation album, it consists of nine tracks written and produced in a dub-steppa militant way and presented in a showcase style: three vocal tunes featuring Zion Irie demonstrating one more time his conscious lyrical flow, three versions with the sax talking over the mix, a trademark of Sax N Dub and three heavyweight dubs!  

01 Revolution / 02 Why / 03 Ital Woman / 04 Sax Revolution / 05 Sax Why / 06 Ital Sax / 07 Revolution Dub / 08 Dub Why / 09 Ital Dub

Showcased on El Cant de la Xitxarra
on Space Is The Place
Review by
Revolution Dub
on The Dub Zone
Album in the February Charts of Reggaespace Radio
Album review on Culture Dub Dreadzine
Revolution & Revolution Dub on Sounds Of the Caribbean
Why & Sax Why on Culture Dub Radio Show
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Recommended by Reggaespace

Chebeen Teriya - Douhaou [DPH051]

Chebeen Teriya - Dauhaou (p) Dubophonic Records 2022
Chebeen Teriya is a unique 5 piece band lead by singer/multi-instrumentalist Dramane Bakwan, who brings original music from his homeland of Burkina Faso. From a young age, Dramane participated in the sacred musical traditions of the Gourounsi people of Burkina Faso (West Africa). His insatiable appetite for music drove him to study the myriad of rhythms and melodies of ethnic groups throughout the region. A love of country and continent has inspired him to write over one hundred original songs with lyrics in five languages. His work explores social, environmental, and political themes with the aim of inspiring people to take care of one another and the planet they share.  
The album Douhaou is their second release on the label. Nevertheless, this album was chronologically written before the EP Ajabro, which was released last year.  It was written in 2018 and was the first time we got connected with Chebeen’s music. It is written in the Djula language (spoken in Burkina Faso, Mali and Ivory Coast) and includes nine tracks in an afro-fusion style, sung by the band’s frontman Dramane Bakwan. 
Dramane explains: “Douhaou means benediction or blessings and the album is about social issues. Sabary talks about forgiveness as the way forward in life. Diy is about remembering your roots and honouring your culture as well as those of others. Bimogo is about hypocrisy in politics. Pogo-nere is a love song and Africa is for the whole continent, to unify behind our causes.”  
CREDITS: All songs written by Aime Bakwan / bass: Francois Hien / Josue Banazaro (guitar) / Jean-Bosco Sorogo (batterie) / Lassina Dembele (djembe) / Jean Eudes Zoungrana (synthesizer) / Aime Bakwan (castagnetes) / Armelie Metta (choeurs) / Recorded in Ouagadugu 2018  / Artwork by Amanda Deibert
Review by
Three songs played on Echochamber Berlin, Germany
Artist introduction and review on the Indonesian portal Kultur Media
included in Spotify playlist AJT Indi Reggae Pop 
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