Don Hartley & Mikey Dub - Causeless Shall Not Come

Mikey Dub meets Don Hartley - Causeless Shall Not Come
Portland musician and producer Mikey Dub returns in 2024 with a new single. After his EP Triumphant Riddim released in 2023 and his collaboration with Debbie Defire on Thank You, he enters 2024 with a new single and a new collaboration featuring this time Jamaican born vocalist Don Hartley. The new tune is entitled Causeless Shall Not Come and it is presented in two versions: the vocal and the dub version. Featured on the tune is also Texas born Joby Tijerna’s (aka. Joby T.) on the Horns.

Proverbs 26:2 "As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come." 
Jamaican born and raised Roots Reggae artist Don Hartley has over three decades of experience sharing his deeply spiritual music. He shot to notoriety on the UK and European Dub scene in 2001 via his association with Manchester UK’s Nucleus Roots label. Don has since then gone on to work with notable producers and labels like Thierry Negro (Faya Dub), Lewis Bennett (Lewis Bennet Dub), Roll & Record, Fat Bird Recordings, Rod Chaplin (MessenJah Music) and now Dubophonic Records.

His traditional Christianity which reflects in his brand of reggae is from his youthful years in Jamaica during which time he also embraced Rastafarian spirituality as a teenager, for many years a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Organization in Kingston, hailing from the tribe of Naphtali. In 2006 he was received as a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Manchester UK where he now functions as a Catechist and as a reader, chanting the Saturday evening service respectively.

Don’s roots reggae mission continues unabated, entwined as always with traditional biblical themes advancing theocentric truths and rights across boundaries of empires and racial conceptions.


Munay Ki Dub meets Thriakis Dub Destroyer - Bad Babylon (Thriakis Remix)

Munay Ki Dub meets Thriakis Dub Destroyer - Bad Babylon (Thriakis Remix) / (c) (p) Dubophonic 2024

Munay Ki Dub, the electronic dub trio from the mountains of central Argentina (Rebecca Clements (vocals, violin, melodica, keyboard and percussion), Alejo Gonz├ílez (programming, keyboard, bass, effects and vocals) and Roby Torcello (guitar), returns with a new single/remix of their 2019 tune Bad Babylon. 

The 2024 remix is done by Thriakis Dub Destroyer.

Founded in 2006, Thriakis Dub Destroyer is a one-man-dub project from Paris, France. Influenced by urban electronic sounds and the Reggae/dub universe, he has been working to create, define and get a solid and unique music style.

Influenced by the Electro-Dub movement, he uses his experience to produce a dub that goes further than tags and genres, adding new ways of experimentation.


I-niverse meets Leo Tan - Jahovah Jireh

I-niverse meets Leo Tan - Jahovah Jireh / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023

The UK reggae dub producer I-niverse keeps spreading the message of peace, love & unification through his work. I-niverse’s sound takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey, driven by pulsating weighty bass lines and majestic melodies that send positive vibrations to the heart and help one to experience states of inner peace.

Hailing from the UK, his new single is entitled Jahovah Jireh and features once again Leo Tan, the talented vocalist from the Netherlands, who was also featured on I-niverse previous EP Jah Grace Riddim, released back in 2022. 

With his powerful voice and technique, Leo Tan once again delivers the most appropriate lyrics for this uplifting riddim. The Lord Will Provide!

Tokiboun In Dub ft. Kimmy Gold & Lance Hume - World In Peace

French-Swiss producer Tokiboun in Dub returns with a new single. After having a few releases on Dubophonic (Mountain Vibrations EP with William Jacquement on the Trombone and Full Vibes on the flute and Dub Valley EP with Nish Wadada, Oryo, Mehdiman and Jah93), he returns with his new release entitled World In Peace, which includes two tracks:  King Of Kings featuring Jamaican artist Kimmy Gold on the vocals and King Of Sitar featuring Lance Hume on the Sitar.

King Of Kings features the Jamaican singer and musician Kimmy Gold on the vocals.  Kimberlyn Goldson was born in St. Ann, a rural parish in north-east Jamaica that has produced a number of outstanding Jamaican artistes, most notably Bob Marley. At four years-old when most of her peers were into toys and ring games, Kimberlyn was drawn to music. She began learning to play the piano at that age, and it remains her instrument of choice as musician. While studying to be a teacher, she maintained her ties to music by practicing and listening to her biggest influences: Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers and The Gladiators. Largely self-taught, Kimmy has steadfastly etched out a career as a musician and singer in Jamaican roots-reggae.

King of Sitar features the UK musician Lance Hume on the Sitar. As a multi-instrumentalist is specializing in fusing the mesmerizing sound of the Sitar with heavyweight dub. He has collaborated and released records with many artists such as Vibronics, Mr Zebre, Don Fe, Adam Prescot, Roots Ista Posse and more. He is also member of the Higher Meditation soundsystem, spicing up the sessions with his Sitar. Expect some mystical meditation vibes!