Munay Ki Dub - Poncho Dub

Munay Ki Dub - Poncho Dub / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2024
Hailing up from the mountains of central Argentina, Munay Ki Dub combines live instruments such as violin, melodica, percussion, bass and guitar with programming, effects and digital instruments. The name comes from the South American Quechua language and means “I Love Dub”.

Their new single is entitled Poncho Dub, a tango for the new electronic age, jumping between classic and modern vibrations!

Munay Ki Dub are Rebecca Clements (vocals, violin, melodica, keyboard and percussion), Alejo GonzΓ‘lez (programming, keyboard, bass, effects and vocals) and Roby Torcello (guitar).


Muflon Dub Soundsystem - Streams Of Living Water

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - Streams Of Living Water / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2024

Muflon Dub Soundsystem, the musical project from Poland, delivering positive Dub and Roots Reggae inspired sounds since early 2000s, returns in 2024 with a new selection of musical works. The new single of Muflon Dub Soundsystem is entitled Streams Of Living Water.

It takes us to the waters to chill out and heal our spirits. Living waters seem to flow in this piece of music, whispering about Jah blessing and guidance. The single come in four versions, each one having different degree of intensity. Let your mind rest a little bit, while listening to the sound!


The Manor - Oh Lord

The Manor - Oh Lord / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023

After his album Walk With Jah back in 2018 and being one of the main artists behind the Creation Rockers and Foshan Roots projects (with the three albums Let's Make Waves, Sky Warrior Dub and Wing Chun Album) and having released a few works on the discontinued Springline Records label, which can be found on compilations and EPs (some are now obsolete, others are still to be found scattered all around the internet), the UK reggae & dub artist/producer Brad Turner aka The Manor returns on Dubophonic Records his a new tune.

The Manor has an authentic cultural vibe about his musical works. 

His new tune is entitled Oh Lord and it is a prayer to the Lord and t is presented in two cuts: Vocal and Dub.:

"Oh lord won’t you hear my prayer today / I’m feeling lost , can’t find my way / I don’t mean to ask , as I know you’re busy / But can you help me lord as I’m feeling real dizzy / Put me on the righteous path show me the way / I will love you forever and a day."


Mikey Dub ft. Debbie Defire - Thank You & Version [DUBR-703] (limited run 7inch polyvinyl)

Mikey Dub ft. Debbie Defire - Thank You & Version [DUBR-703] Dubophonic 2024 (vinyl)
It is with great joy we present to you our next vinyl release featuring Debbie Defire (aka Debra Keese) on the vocals and Mikey Dub on the production. Thank You is cut on a speciall edition 7 inch polyvinyl, on a limited run of 50 copies and it includes the vinyl version of the of the original tune back in 2023 and a special unreleased dub cut on the b side!

Mikey Dub ft. Debbie Defire - Thank You & Version [DUBR-703] Dubophonic 2024 (vinyl)[DUBR-703] Mikey Dub ft. Debbie Defire  - Thank You & Version
Mikey Dub ft. Debbie Defire - Thank You
Mikey Dub - Version (unreleased dub only on vinyl)

Only 50 copies cut, so don't miss it! ❤️πŸ’›πŸ’š

Vocal & Lyrics: Debbie Defire
Music & Production: Mikey Dub
Trumpet & Sax: Joby Tijerina
Keyboards & Percussion: Andrew Deetz
Mastering: Pressure Mastering
Dub Cutting by

Portland musician and producer Mikey Dub releases his first vinyl single, featuring Debbie Defire on the vocals, also known in the 70s as Debra Keese. The tune is entitled Thank You and it is presented in two versions: the vocal and a special dub version (released only on vinyl). Featured on the tune is also Texas born Joby Tijerna (aka. Joby T.) on the Horns and Andrew Deetz on the keyboards and percussion. ❤️πŸ’›πŸ’š

Debbie Defire is a British born artist, who moved to Jamaica with her parents as a toddler in the 60s. In 1978, the legendary Lee Scratch Perry produced for her the tune “Traveling” under the name of Debra Keese and the Black Five. which was released on Black Art label. She was around 18 years old at that time, when she recorded that tune! Today she resides in the UK.

Debbie Defire has come a long way from her debut as a young reggae singer with the hit song ‘Traveling’ produced by Lee Scratch Perry, to the latest release of her new tune produced by Mikey Dub entitled Thank You and we are honored to be a part of her musical journey.