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01. What is Dubophonic Records?
Dubophonic is a label that distributes music in internet. There are three kind of releases.
a. The releases, which are free to download (under Creative Commons licenses)
b. The releases distributed on various online stores (i-Tunes, Amazon, Juno, Spotify, Beatport etc) , for which a payment is required to download them.
c. Vinyl releases

02. How do you select the music you release?
We are looking for unique submissions for our label. That means your release should be intended for Dubophonic Records and you wont be trying to release it on multiple labels/platforms  after we have agreed to host it. Mainly this is because there's no reason to put an album on multiple labels. The only reason is for promotion, and we promote our albums for the artists through various ways (radio podcasts, reviews, social media, live sessions, etc), we don't want to be a download mirror. 

Please note that, if your type of music does not match our format, we will not be able to release it on Dubophonic Records, we will be though glad to help you find another appropriate label.

We are committed to listening and responding to all the tracks we will receive, but be advised that we will be very very selective about the music we publish, so if you receive a negative answer, do not fall and work hard to make us change our mind. If we find your tracks interesting, we will contact you in order to publish them in one of our compilations and eventually under your own EP/album.

03. I am interested to release my work under CC license. How can I send my demos?

If you wish to send us your work as a demo, you may do so by contacting us at info(at) Please provide us at least with the following details:
  • brief introduction of yourself or a short biography: please type more than 1 or 2 sentences about your release. It's always nice to know more about the artist's viewpoints and possibly what's used to make the music. The more we know about you, the better we can promote your message to the massive.
  • direct download links to WAV/MP3 files of your music (please do not attach the files to email, use a service like Dropbox or YouSendIt or Wetransfer): Take the time to give your creation what it deserves, make it a proper submission with the tracks and artwork in a zip file. Then upload to a free file host and submit the link. Seriously, if you can't take the time to do that, we really doubt you took the time to make a quality album. That's what it says to us. Don't spam us a link, send us something unique.
  • link to your website (or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Please note that Dubophonic Records releases only finished works. Cover artwork is not necessary at demo stage. The releases will be under Creative Commons 3.0 by-nc-nd license. The Creative Commons license gives individuals who download the album the right to distribute it virally to their friends, so it is impossible to 'take it back' again once it is released.

Therefore, please don't submit your release to us until you are sure you want to to make a netlabel release in the first place. Once we post it, taking it back down serves no purpose, and we won't even try. You should not submit any works you wouldn’t want to be published under this license.

Please note that you are fully responsible for the content of your work. This includes (but is not limited to) the usage and the clearing of samples, loops and other material to which rights of third parties might exist. Dubophonic cannot be hold responsible for the content offered by the artists on this platform. 

04. What if somebody uses my works published under CC License to generate financial profit.  Do I get compensated?

It is not allowed to use the works of the artists, in any other way than those described in the CC Liscence. Any other use of the works must be made after getting a permission from us.

For the purpose of obstacle free promotion of your music, it is herewith agreed that Dubophonic will own the Master Recording of the submitted music. This enables us to deal with such cases that CC Licensed music is commercially used and be able to financially compensate the artist on a fair 50-50 basis.

04. I want to submit a digital release to be distributed through all major online stores. How shall I proceed?
In this case a special Master Recording Agreement is required to be signed. Your music will be submitted/distributed through all major online stores. Please contact us us at dubophonic(at) and we will give you all necessary details and explain you the necessary steps to be taken.


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