Mikey Dub meets Devon Khemis - Against The Wall

Mikey Dub meets Devon Khemis - Against The Wall / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023
Portland musician and producer Mikey Dub returns in 2024 with a new single. After his EP Triumphant Riddim released in 2023, his collaboration with Debbie Defire on Thank You, and the collaboration with Jamaican born vocalist Don Hartley on Causeless Shall Not Come, he releases his new single Against The Wall featuring Devon Khemis on the Vocals. 

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Devon Khemis found his musical calling through church choir performances and the vibrant sounds of Jamaican sound systems like "King Tubby" and "Black Starliner." Influenced by reggae icons such as Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, and The Abyssinians, Khemis began crafting songs at a tender age, his soulful voice echoing the rhythms of his homeland. His early years in music were shaped by collaborations with his uncle Desmond McLean, owner of "Macatak Muzik," where he released his debut album "Pure Khemistry" in 2007. Upon immigrating to the US at 14, Khemis continued to refine his musical talents while residing in Mt. Vernon, NY, under the mentorship of Ras Pablo, owner of a local print shop. It was in this vibrant musical community that Khemis cultivated his artistry before relocating to Portland, Oregon, where he collaborates with luminaries like Mikey Dub. Khemis's collaboration with Mikey Dub produced tracks like "First and the Last" and "Against The Wall," showcasing his versatile talent. Recently, Khemis released "Showers in the Rain," on Macatak Music, demonstrating his ongoing impact on the music scene. It is the first time, that he is releasing his vibes on Dubophonic Records.

Against the Wall is presented as usual in two versions: the vocal and the dub version. Featured on the tune is also Texas born Joby Tijerina (aka. Joby T.) on the Trumpet and Sax and Andrew Deetz on the keyboards.