Mikey Dub meets Debbie Defire - Thank You

Mikey Dub meets Debbie Defire - Thank You / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023

Portland musician and producer Mikey Dub returns with a new single. After his EP Triumphant Riddim released earlier this year, featuring Clotilde and Tharara on the vocals, he returns with a new single and a new collaboration featuring this time Debbie Defire, also known in the 70s as Debra Keese. The new tune is entitled Thank You and it is presented in two versions: the vocal and the dub version. Featured on the tune is also Texas born Joby Tijerna (aka. Joby T.) on the Horns and Andrew Deetz on the keyboards.

Debbie Defire is a British born artist, who moved to Jamaica with her parents as a toddler in the 60s. In 1978, the legendary Lee Scratch Perry produced for her the tune “Travelling” under the name of Debra Keese and the Black Five. which was released on Black Art label. She was around 18 years old at that time, when she recorded the tune! Today she resides in the UK.

Over the past few years Debbie Defire released several singles and a LP album. Debbie Defire has come a long way from her debut as a young reggae singer with the hit song ‘Traveling’ produced by the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, to the latest release of her new tune produced by Mikey Dub entitled Thank You and we are honored to be a part of her musical journey.