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A few words on Dubophonic

Dubophonic is the leading dub label from Cyprus distributing mainly freely downloadable, Creative Commons licensed music on the internet. The label provides exclusive releases of quality dub music, from artists who are dedicated and passionate about their work. Please do not expect us to put out releases too often, artists need their time to sculpt their art and each release needs its space to breathe. We think that one or two releases per month is the ideal way to spread the positive vibes. The releases are offered in digital format for free download.

Apart from the free releases, we have recently started a new series of VIP releases. All VIP releases are under Copyright and are not under Creative Commons. These releases are offered for digital download and also on CD. This service is not free, due to the costs that have to be covered, but we will do our best to keep the selling prices as low as possible. All money coming from VIP releases are equally split between the artists and the label and will be invested in the administration of the label, in order to be able to continue providing you with more free music.

We retain focus on the art of dub music in its most diverse forms, whether it is electronic or acoustic/organic, roots or steppers, classic or contemporary. We are especially interested to promote crossover projects, fusing dub music with other genres of music, on the way to define the outest boundaries of dub.

Please note the following regarding downloading: all releases are provided in MP3/FLAC and are always FREE to download (except of the VIP releases). Please download only from the official sites linked at our webpage, to ensure you will get properly encoded release with optimal audio quality, free of advertisement or additional unrelated content.

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