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Negritage's "Guetto Roots of Dub" by Alex Dub

Culture Dub Dreadzine
Culture Dub Dreadzine
The French online magazine "Culture Dub Dreadzine" has recently featured the latest lp of Negritage, "Guetto Roots of Dub (Vol.1)" on their webpage. Although our knowledge of french language is not the best, with the help of an online translator we managed to read the article, which recommends to all the readers of the magazine to listen and download our release, proposing "Some people don't remember Jah (Veshon)" as an example to listen online. Negritage's album has been awarded from the magazine readers a score of 8 out of 10. Our deepest respect to Alex Dub for his good words!

"The Argentinian dubbers Negritage offer their first album "Guetto roots of Dub (Vol.1") for free download, through the new Cypriot netlabel Dubophonic. The  18 tracks of the album sail between Roots, Dub and Dub Steppa and contain all the ingredients of dub: delays and reverbs. Guest appearances by Sammy Gold or Jam York. The 18 tracks on this album were mixed in different stages with different equipment , sometimes old analog mixers, sometimes in digital fashion, with varied sound results. As they remind themselves: "Do not forget that we are children of the third world and it is sometimes difficult to access material or equipment that is expensive, but it is not a problem, because the positive vibration of our friends allows us to move forward! " reviewed by Alex Dub

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