A message from Dub Thomas

I would like to express my graditute to each and every one of you, supporting me from day one of the founding of Dubophonic netlabel. Although I have officially started releasing the first dubs only one and a half month ago, the positive feedback I receive is far more than expected. Every day more and more people hear and download the Dubophonic music. In Twitter I receive daily messages from people I never met congratulating me on the good selection of the artists. Just for the record the Negritage album "Guetto Roots of Dub" has already way over 5000 downloads in only one week from its release. The first two releases of Dub-I and Negritage have been credited as SOUNDTIPS by Jungle'n'Wobbles, while many tracks have been featured in numerous podcasts all around the net, the latest being Pete Cogle's The Dub Zone, as well as Radio Shows like Dr. StrangeDub's "Echo Chamber" and Andreas Megahz's show at Zenith FM. Last but definately not least are the numerous reviews from online magazines, the latest one being the one of the Cerebral Rift. My deepest respect to George De Bruin for the amazing review! All the above gives me more strength to continue digging deep into the internet to find new artists and offer you the best dubs for free download .... because good music must be heard!