Mikey Dub - Triumphant Riddim (ft. Clotilde, Tharara, Joby T)

Mikey Dub - Triumphant Riddim (ft. Clotilde, Tharara, Joby T) / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023
Mikey Dub is a musician and dub producer from Portland, Oregon USA. He creates dub music by recording instruments live, programming beats, and mixing it all down “dub style” with generous amounts of effects. Inspired by 70’s and 80’s Jamaican producers, his sound is a combination of modern soundsystem dub and classic roots reggae. His songs are unique in that they fuse live instrumentation with electronic. He has been consistently active in the studio producing tunes.

Clotilde grew up around Afro Caribbean rhythms since her father was a Caribbean musician. Influenced by merengue, calypso, kompa, reggae, she started to really get into dub music when she built a sound system with her friends in Bourges town, in France. She was singer/MC in this band. Moving to UK, she got closer to Dub culture and worked with various artists as a singer, songwriter and vocalist in sound systems.
Tharara (real name Brain Phili) was born and raised in Zimbabwe in the city of Bulawayo . The name Tharara "Jahhill" means mountain.  Rastafarian and musician, he currently lives and makes music in South Africa.

Texas born Joby Tijerna’s (aka. Joby T.) musical range varies from funk, big band, classical, reggae, dub, easy listening to rock & anything else with a good groove. Driven to learn as much as he can about these wonderful vibrations we receive as music, he learned from some of the best teachers and musicians in his community throughout my life.  

Triumphant Riddim is Mikey Dub's first EP on the label featuring some great vocalists and players of instruments. It includes 5 tracks on the same riddim: 2 vocal tracks sung by Clotilde and Tharara, 2 dubs by Mikey Dub and one horns version featuring Joby T. on the trumpet.