"Dred Reggae" by NetMusic Life & Culture Dub Zine

"Dubophonic was born just a few months ago and was able to quickly evident in the vast ocean of music available on the net by offering high quality audio releases related to the reggae scene. In "Dred Reggae EP", signed by Cypriot musician Med Dred, Jamaican classic sounds are reproduced with a modern guise, mixing dub, reggae, world music into one big sound coming out with energy and vitality from the speakers. Med Dred proves to be a technical expert behind the mixing desk offering six tracks that sound fresh and crisp, reminding us that reggae is still alive and waiting for further developments." - by NetMusic Life (free translation from Italian)

"Inspired by the old masters of dub and sound engineers of Jamaica, Med Dred is able to absorb their sound and turn it into something new, whether it is integrating its own homemade effects, improvising on the melodica or using anti-Babylon voice clips. The "Dred Reggae EP" includes six tracks, dubbed exclusively for the netlabel Dubophonic. Very heavy one drops, echoes and deep reverbs, a bassline wedged in heart rhythm and conscious lyrics are the ingredients of his musical recipe. Accompanied by many guests, Med Dred creates its own sound, while remaining faithful to the original roots of reggae music. If you like reggae as well as dub, this EP will fill you! Visit the label's website to download it." - by Culture Dub Dreadzine (free translation from French)