Zion Dirty Sound - A refreshing sound for this summer

It was  really a joy to "discover" the following review of Zion Dirty Sound's "Fils d' Abraham" by NetMusic Live, a zine informing its readers about selected free music published by netlabels and independent artists. Since the review is in Italian language, we tried to translate it in english:

"Another album with refreshing sound for this summer. All ingredients dear to the summer season: reggae, roots, dub, and the infinite variables of Jamaican music as well as wonderful forays into African and South American territories. "Fils d 'Abraham" has a crisp and conscious sound, well-balanced between tradition and modernity. Numerous ethnic instruments are treated and perfectly fitted in this album that sounds like a party, a meeting between different populations that share their joyful cultures. Intoxicating rhythms, Manu Chao hidden among the guests, beads of sweat that jump between groups of humans in the throes of the dissolution of body and mind. 18 tracks that summarize very well what has been written in decades of reggae-dub with freshness and authenticity." - NetMusic Life