Marco Spada interviews Dub Thomas on Tribal Realities

"The art of Dub / Dropping Irie Vibes: an inner-view with Cyprus-based netlabel Dub-o-phonic". This is the title of the article featured  on the latest issue of Tribal Realities. In  the magazine's first issue of 2014, the publisher of the magazine Marco Spada interviews in eight illustrated pages Dub Thomas, the person behind the Dubophonic netlabel. The interview/discussion concentrates not only on the story of the netlabel, but expands also on more general subjects like the future of the music industry, future undergoing projects and personal views on the way we must face our everyday life.

Written in English and Spanish (to reach an even greater community of music lovers and readers across the planet) Tribal Realities is an underground visual magazine which exists since 2008 and creatively blends Ancestral knowledge with the 21st century culture. Published by Marco Spada under Creative Commons license, it manages in more than 50 pages to capture the reader's interest through consciousness-raising interviews, top-quality articles, visionary content and  musical recommendations. Nuff respect and lots of love to the whole Tribal Realities crew for the whole effort they invest in their project and for their great contribution at the Creative Commons universe. We are sure that the best are still to come!

"We are all children of this world. All people are born equal and must be treated with respect. 
No matter the color of their skin, race or country. There is no room for hate and racism in our 
musical family. It is time to start crashing the old clichés and move together forward. Always 
positive, always supporting each other, always spreading the vibes to the massive." - Dub Thomas