Sunjaman takes over the airways


It is with great pleasure to see such a positive feedback for our new release. Not even one week since its release last Sunday, the EP of Sunjaman "Outta Here" is already taking over the radio airways. Nuff respect to Cyprus Dub Community Radio (CY) , Artikal Vibes (UK), Paranoise Radio (GR), Ektos Zonis (GR), Selecta Jerry and Higher Reasoning from KBOO FM (USA), Culture Dub & Radio Pulsar (FR), Dubatek Radio (FR), Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber on KFAI (USA), Echo Beach Radio Show (USA), Saetchmo's Echo Chamber (GER), Pete Goggle's TDZ (UK), R&D Vibes (ITA),, The Groove Thiev (HK), Z88.9 FM in the South Jersey and Philadelphia Area (USA), Jahjojo (THAI), Reservoir Dub Radio (BEL), Jungle'n Wobbles Radio (ITA), the Toby Mearing radio show and many more. The list keeps on growing as we are writing this. We want to thank all of you for the warm support from day one of the netlabel and we will do our best to keep providing you with quality dubs and culture tunes, in our original Dub-o-phonic style.