Mexican Stepper returns on Dubophonic

After the first release of Mexican Stepper on Dubophonic back in the year 2013, the world established artist from Mexico is preparing his new work. As a first step, the netlabel will re-release the track "Run and Tell", which was originally included on Mexican Stepper's first LP "Teotihuacan [Pirámide del Sol]", released by the artist himself ... but of course there will be a twist! 

The new release, in the format of digital EP, will be out end of February and will consist of special remixes and dubs of the tune, exclusive produced for Dubophonic! Artists like Rebel-I and Fyachief will spread the vocal message of the tune and nuff remixes and dubs are already being produced while you read this: Mr. Zebre, Koncrete Roots, Du3normal, Thriakis Dub Destroyer, Injham, Holy Sound and Mr Mefistou are just a few of them ... and because we love you, we will include an exclusive mix of the original tune ina Dubphonic dubplate style and fashion ... and this is only the start. Brand new tunes by Mexican Stepper coming in Spring time. In these times of economical crisis and tribulation, it's time for RASTAS to TAKE OVER!!!