Dubophonic celebrating the Netlabel Day

20 years after the conception of the MP3 format, a group of independent artists and labels from all over the planet have banded together for the first time ever, to celebrate the mp3 and the culture of free music.

Forget about all these well-known "celebrity" artists. The Netlabel Day is an online space made by truly independent artists and netlabels and isfor all those people who listen and support independent art movements, highlighting “free and independent music in high quality format” from different genres.

On this special day, the 14th of July 2015, the 80 participating netlabels, among the Dubophonic, and more than 13 independent artists have released new and original material to celebrate this special day. Of course, all music is for free download. Check all releases and start digging!

To celebrate the intenational Netlabel Day, Dubophonic joined this initiative with the release of a brand new track, a ruff and tuff jungle-stepper vibration ina Koncrete Roots style. Hope you enjoy!

Koncrete Roots - Dubophonic Stepper
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