Happy New Year with more love and more vibes

We wish to each and everyone of you all the best for the new year 2016 ... to all the artists, the players of instruments, the vocalists, the producers, the radio stations, the promoters, to all who are supporting us from the first day. You are too many too mention, you reside all over the world and our appreciation and love is everlasting. We never thought in our wildest dreams that a small label from Cyprus, an island where the dub/reggae culture is still at its "baby steps", would receive such an acceptance from the dub community world wide. 

The statistics: 25 releases, 42 artists, 250000 page visits, over 150000 plays (soundcloud, FMA, archive.org), 1450 facebook likes and over 100000 downloads!

Large up to all of you, we made this together, side by side ... and we will continue stronger in year 2016. Watch this space, since we will soon announce some new releases. In case you missed our online gathering, you can listen to the podcast of that special session, playing many tunes from our past releases and also sneaking into the 2016 catalog, playing some some new unreleased tunes. Give thanks!