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[PRE-ORDER] Seek Jah First - Hermit Dubz

After six years of digital releases, we open now a new chapter, with vinyl releases coming from Cyprus. We are so happy and excited to announce our first vinyl release entitled SEEK JAH FIRST.

SEEK JAH FIRST is being pressed on a 12-inch vinyl and is about to hit the record stores in July. Produced by the Cypriot artist Hermit Dubz, it features 2 great vocals by the Jamaican singers Robert Dallas and Ranking Joe, a melodica-djembe version by Med Dred and Bongo Damo, plus the obligatory heavy dub version for the soundsystems by Hermit Dubz.Vinyl Mastering and Pressing by Jah Tubbys.

We are offering our first 12inch vinyl release at a discounted price of £6.00, provided that you pre-order it now. On release the price will go up so now is the time to benefit from this offer. The vinyl is being pressed right now and will be shipped to your house in around four weeks. 

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