Explorations in Dub Vol.2 / Lockdown Dub [DPH043]

Various Artists - Explorations In Duvb Vol.2 / Lockdown Dub / Dubophonic Records 2020
The first Explorations In Dub compilation was released back in year 2013, showcasing the works of many artists from around the world and their personal approach on dub music. In the present time of  COVID-19, most producers have been in a lockdown. Nevertheless their  creativity did not stop and some fresh ideas started to sprout while in isolation. So it was time, seven years later, for a Vol. 2, showcasing again many great outernational projects.
Explorations in Dub Vol. 2 is compiled by Dub Cmd & Dub Thomas and includes fifteen tracks by label artists, guests and friends, in a collaborative effort to keep producing music during the COVID-19 lockdown situation: Dillon Wyte (USA), Deepke & Wirk (GER), Boom One Soundsystem (USA), O.L.M. (ITA), Dub Cmd (UK), iGL & Alecho (GR), SistaSara (ITA), Stefanosis (USA), Don Fe All Stars & Manwel T (SP/MT)*, High & I (UK), Barnaba (PL ), Sub Conscious Dub (CY)**, Hermit Dubz (CY/UK), Xicury Dub & Rocka (MEX) and Xucar Warriors (SP). Artwork by Savvas Thomas & Gabriel Ufir

01 Dillon Wyte – Trust In Jah / 02 Deepke & Wirk - Svadhyaya / 03 Boom One Soundsystem ft. B. Davis - Bully Bully / 04 OLM – Sit & Wait / 05 Dub Cmd – Fire / 06 iGL & Alecho - Time Capsule / 07 SistaSara - Future Stepper / 08 Stefanosis - Atlas Shrugged / 09 Don Fe All Stars - No Fear (Manwel T Mix)*  / 10 High & I – Vampires Dub / 11 Barnaba – You / 12 Sub Conscious Dub - Admission Dub** / 13 Hermit Dubz - Arrakeen II / 14 Xicury Dub & Rocka – Shakti / 15 Xucar Warriors - Lion Step
* musicians T. Oldfield, Paul Maiden, Tina Brown, Ras Bruno, Platty Garcia, Hector Silva - mix by ManwelT
**  Don Fe Stems Patreon project / produced by T. Oldfield – mix by Subconscious Dub 

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