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R-Juna - Rockers Dub [DPH044]

R-Juna - Rockers Dub / Dubophonic Recordfs (c) (p) 2020
One year after his debut release Dubs And Praises, the USA producer Roy Waterford aka R-Juna is back with his second album entitled Rockers Dub.

His new release is a collection ten new tracks, all dubbed in the R-Juna style and with Colton Lantz on the guitar on two tracks of the album. A special moment of this album is the four dub reworks of songs by the Grateful Dead (Franklin’s Dub & Fire On The Dub), The White Stripes (Seven Nation Dub) and The Doors (Riders Of The Dub).

CREDITS: All tracks were produced, mixed & mastered by Roy Waterford. Colton Lantz played guitar on two tracks, on Franklin's Dub & Fire On The Dub.

01 My Deliverer / 02 Franklin’s Dub / 03 Seek Jah / 04 Riders Of The Dub / 05 Naturality Dub / 06 Seven Nation Dub / 07 Kingly Dub / 08 Fire on the Dub / 09 Dreadlock / 10 Wicked Babylon

Berti Roots plays Seek Jah on Espa├žo Zion, Portugal
Dr Strangedub plays Riders On The Dub on Echo Chamber / KFAI 90.3 FM
Played on Real Roots Radio / Dub Dealers Society Xmas Special
Played on the Pow Town GetDown
Recommended by SoulGuru
Riders On The Dub played by Pete Cogle on The Podcast Factory
Recommended by Dub-a-Rebel

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