Culture Horn & Gun Power - Feel It [DPH047]

Culture Horn & Gun Power - Feel It / Dubophonic (c) 2021
Gun Power is a music band from Moscow. Nevertheless, the band was born in Thailand in 2017 by travelling musicians, who were playing in reggae bars all around Koh Samui and Koh Phangan islands. After returning to Russia, they decided to keep groovin' together and that’s how Gun Power was founded.

In 2019 Gun Power started working with Culture Horn Sound System, recording compositions that the CHSS team worked on. Later the same year, the band started to experiment with the sound, making improvisational concerts, playing over with jazz, dub, funk, instrumental "chillrave." In 2020, as a result of the pandemic times, the band was reshaped. But despite these changes, Gun Power is still working on events and a studio album.

This release is the result of their collaboration with Culture Horn Sound System and includes two songs and two dubs, following the format of all the releases of Culture Horn. The first tune is a rework of the classic anthem of Althea and Donna in a discomix style, while the title track Feel It is their first song ever released, written in a lovers rock style. Both tracks are accompanied by the obligatory dub mixes.

01 Gun Power - Top Ranking (discomix) / 02 Culture Horn - Ranking Dub / 03 Gun Power - Feel It / 04 Culture Horn - Feel It Dub

Feel It Dub on Echo Chamber
Feel It
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Top Ranking (discomix) on High Times (Turkey)
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Top Ranking (discomix)
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Top Ranking (discomix)
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Feel It Dub
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Top Ranking (discomix)
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Feel It Dub on The Dub Zone
Feel It
on the Roots & Reggae Show 06/03/21 with Sista Selecta
Top Ranking (discomix)
played by Pete Cogle in PCP#685
Featured in Irie Mag (February 2021)
Ras Danny showcases the ep on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time
Featured in the February Irie Mag Spotify Playlist
Feel It (discomix) & Dub
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Dr Strangedub plays Top Ranking (discomix) on Echo Chamber
Top Ranking (discomix)
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