Eter Dub - Eternally Wise

Eter Dub - Eternally Wise  (c) (p) Dubophonic 2021Eter Dub was founded by the dub master Federico Balza, in Mendoza (Argentina), a graduated musician from the Universidad Nacionalde de Cuyo with studies on classical flute and member of the OrquestRa Sinfonica Juvenil (1st flute) in Argentina. As saxophonist (tenor/alt), flutist and keyboard player he collaborated with many reggae, dub and hip-hop bands like Zona Ganjah, Downbeat and Negritage touring around the independent scene of Latin America.

After releasing his first album back in 2016, entitled In Da Name Of Jah and is collaboration with Negritage on Greetings From Planet Dub, Eter Dub returns five years later with his brand new EP.

Eternally Wise offers a new fresh breeze in dub music. Just like his previous album, his sound is referencing to his background in classical music, with flute being the main instrument in his new ep.

Being accompanied by some great musicians on the oboe, guitar and drums, Eter Dub delivers four tracks of extended length, the longest being Chilling All Day Dub with over 10 minutes of length. Magical melodies and uplifting vibes, originality and an alternative approach to dub music – This is the sound of Eter Dub!

CREDITS: Drums: Di-Style / Guitars: Mauro Vergara / Oboe: Maria Jose Caballero / Flute, Sax, Keys & Dub Master: Federico Balza / Mix & Master: Denegri Records & Federico Balza. / Special Thanks: To Jah for de guidance and company along the way.

01 Eternally Wise / 02 Weed With Dub Love / 03 Dub Seshan 2 / 04 Chillin' All Day Dub