Komadub ft. Zion Irie - Do Good

[DPH015] Komadub ft. Zion Irie - Do Good (EP)
[DPH015] Komadub ft. Zion Irie - Do Good (EP)It all started back in 2010 in Istanbul/Turkey, where Hybrid K. and the baglama/cura player Zaffah decided to join their musical knowledge and create Komadub. One year later in 2011 Selekta Firuzaga (Dread Culture Soundsystem) joined them, and together they produced their first album called “Derinbaz”. Unfortunately the group did not last long and after the depart of Zaffah, the rest of the members decided to continue producing music under the same name, dropping beats ina digital style. The "Do Good (EP)" is one of the duo's fruits of this new era.

Zion Irie (full name David Orleans), was born and grew up in UK/South London (Brixton) in an African Ghana household. After a separation from his family, he left home at the age of 14 and lived for a few years in an authentic rasta house community. Armed with hi spirituality and having a background in original soundsystem things, he taught himself to sing and write lyrics, as well as to compose tracks for the house of Zion UK. Living now in France, he has collaborated with many artists like Ackboo, Kanka, Weeding Dub and Dubsynaticx, while he shared the stage with names like Horace Andy, Brother Culture and many more.

The conscious lyrics of Zion Irie meet the oriental meditation riddims of Komadub, spreading Jah blessings to the souls of all of us. Originally the tune was planned to be included in the coming album of Komadub, which will be out later this Summer, but the sweet voice of Zion Irie and his conscious lyrics, gave the tune a dynamic of its own, which was enough reason to do a separate release and share his deep spirituality with all the family.

“Do Good” is the first work from both artists on Dubophonic and it is released as an EP with four different cuts of the title track. One vocal track, two different dub cuts by Komadub and last but definitely not least, a fourth uplifting reconstruction of the track by Alphadub (selector, operator and co-producer of Dread Culture Sound System) ina heavy steppa style, doing good for our soul, sending more and more positive vibrations with each play of the tune.

TRACKS: 01 Do Good // 02 Do Dub // 03 Dub Good //
04 TNT in my brain (Komadub meets Alphadub)