"Best of 2014" award for Dubophonic

Best of 2014 for Dubophonic by netlabelism.com
BEST OF 2014 awarded to Dubophonic
The year 2015 has started with the best recognition for the label. After last year's 3rd place award by the Netlabelism.com reviewer Noah Christopher for the release Explorations In Dub, the same site has awarded our United As One release with a 1st place! Albert E. Trapezoid has awarded the united Dubophonic/Dubkey release United As One as the Best of 2014. It is noted that the site reviews music from different genres and it is the first time that a Roots Reggae/Dub album receives a first place. Give thanks to all artists of the dubophonic family label, who through their musical passion made this possible. Always forward! 

"Dubkey meets Dubophonic. These top tier reggae Netlabels release a collection of songs created by collaborations between artists from each label. This cross-pollination features great musicians, creative producers, excellent riddims, and a uniformly excellent collection of songs. Whether you like straight ahead reggae tunes, versions, or dubbed out tracks, it’s all here. Much respect." - Albert E. Trapezoid