Hermit Dubz - Pursuit Of Balance

Hermit Dubz is out of his cave again! His sonic weapons became heavier than ever and his new album entitled “Pursuit Of Balance” is a proof of his new ability.

On the way to find the perfect balance between the world within and Babylon, the new album from the Birmingham’s rising dub specialist includes four heavyweight tracks and four even heavier dubs. Psydub infused with a spiritual vibe and oriental sounds, alongside the Rootical stylings.  Stepper meets orient and the bass chases every vampire away … the way it should always be!

01 Truly Dread / 02 Mushin / 03 Arrakeen / 04 Valhalla / 05 Truly Dread dub / 06 Mushin dub /
07 Arrakeen dub / 08 Valhalla dub 04:52