Shanti-K meets Sister Maki - Revolution

Shanti-K meets Sister Maki - Revolution (c) (p) Dubhonic Records

More vibes coming from the land of the rising sun. After Botanical Story/Rudies released last year, the soundsystem family crew from Japan returns with a new composition and with a strong female representation! 

Produced by Shanti-K, the new track is entitled Revolution and it is presented on this virtual 12inch in four different versions: The title track with Sister Maki on the vocals, the obligatory dub version by Shanti-K, a special instrumental version with Aki Mittoo on the melodica and the female musician Oryo on the violin, and finally a violin/melodica dub by Shanti-K. and with Goja Bongos on the percussion.

CREDITS// Music & Production: Shanti-K / Vocals & Lyrics: Sister Maki (vocals recorded by Steve Fox (Godiego) @ Fox Pro Studio, JP) / Violin: Oryo / Melodica: Aki Mittoo / Percussion: Goja Bongos / Mixing & Mastering: Shanti-K, Kalpana Studio, Japan 


01 Revolution / 02 Revolution Dub / 03 Melodica & Violin Cut / 04 Melodica & Violin Dub