Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation

Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation / Dubophonic (c) 2022Sax N Dub meets Zion Irie - New Generation / Dubophonic (c) 2022

Multi instrumentalist and producer Sax N Dub from Montevideo Uruguay has been playing on the sound system scene with his own productions and international collaborations since 2014, with participation in may international festivals such as Dub Camp (France), Dub Stone (Italy) Manuel dub (Sicily), Ecologikal Reggae and Reggae Live Festival (Mexico) among others.
Having more than 20 publications on cd, digital and vinyl and numerous collaborations with labels such as Black Redemption (USA) Bass Revelation, Invasion records and Green Beats (Mexico) and Stepping Stone (Argentina), he appears for the first appearance on Dubophonic Records with his new album New Generation, teaming up with Zion Irie on the vocals, a long-time label family artist.
Zion Irie, born and grew up in UK/South London (Brixton) in an African Ghana household, has already a rich musical history: collaborations with many artists (Ackboo, Kanka, Weeding Dub, Dubsynaticx, Komadub, Negritage, Red Star Martyrs, Ashley), sharing the stage with names like Horace Andy, Brother Culture and a having a few releases and appearances on our label.
Focusing now on the New Generation album, it consists of nine tracks written and produced in a dub-steppa militant way and presented in a showcase style: three vocal tunes featuring Zion Irie demonstrating one more time his conscious lyrical flow, three versions with the sax talking over the mix, a trademark of Sax N Dub and three heavyweight dubs!  

01 Revolution / 02 Why / 03 Ital Woman / 04 Sax Revolution / 05 Sax Why / 06 Ital Sax / 07 Revolution Dub / 08 Dub Why / 09 Ital Dub