Messian Dread - Tunes For Thoughts

Messian Dread - Tunes For Thoughts / Dubophonic 2022
Last year we introduced to you through the re-release of the 2007 track Maranatha, Messian Dread, that versatile personality from the Netherlands: Producer, singer, player of instruments, writer, reviewer, selector, and editor/webmaster of Dubroom, one of the longest running platforms/netlabels promoting Dub Reggae and Consciousness since 1997.

To real understand the background behind Messian Dread's musical vibes, we recommend reading the Congeregation Of Selassie-I / An Interview With Messian Dread.

Tunes For Thoughts is a compilation of tracks from Messian Dread’s archives, produced by him between 2006 and 2008. It is the first time that they are all put together in a compilation, since they were originally released in the past as separate digital EPs with many alternative versions of each track. We have compiled for you the discomixes, which is the trademark of Messian Dread.

In Reggae, when you like a tune, you listen to it a few minutes and after the vocal version you play the dub. But the discomix tradition is something that is not really seen or heard these last years. A discomix version is there to make you feel the experience, to feel and meditate. You'll listen to a full track in a discomix style and when you look back to Reggae tradition, you know what this is about.
The term discomix is not very familiar. It comes from the 70's and 80's. We talk about a tune with lyrics, followed by a dub version. All in one long mix. A concept hardly followed anywhere nowadays, because of sentiments or whatever. Messian Dread has been pushing it to the limits and we as a label, we recognize him as a pioneer respecting this format and we forward it to you. This is stuff not only to listen but to be part of the experience as well.
Enjoy the vibes. They were produced for your enjoyment and edification throughout the decades. Most of all, produced for you in freedom. Free to hear the messages and free to think!