Tokiboun In Dub - Dub Valley (ft. Nish Wadada, Nehdiman, Oryo, Jah93)

Tokiboun In Dub - Dub Valley (ft. Nish Wadada, Nehdiman, Oryo, Jah93) / Dubophonic 2023
French-Swiss producer Tokiboun in Dub is back. After his 2022 four-track instrumental EP Mountain Vibrations with William Jacquement on the Trombone and Full Vibes on the flute, he returns in 2023 with his new EP entitled Dub Valley. Having the desire to share good vibrations and to create several versions of one single rhythm. he has contacted the artists he loves and he presents the following four tracks on the EP: 

Water Valley features the enchanting Nish Wadada on the vocals. The Dutch singer of Cape Verdean descent from Rotterdam, quickly made a name for herself in the European roots and dub scene. Initially active in the world music scene, Nish gradually became more and more fascinated by reggae and Rastafari, enjoying international recognition through her conscious and uplifting lyrics and her collaborations with Brizion, Dub Dynasty, Kibir La Amlak and Ashanti Selah, just to name a few! 

Valley Of Fire features the Japanese female musician and instrumentalist Oryo on the violin. She has already been featured in the past on our label on Shanti-K’s EP Revolution. 

Earth Valley features Mehdiman on the vocals. Mehdiman, born in Iran and now living in Germany, started his career playing guitar and as a backup vocalist for several bands. He has a great raggamuffin style that will make you get up and move.

Valley Of The Wind features, Jah93 AKA Kumi, hailing from Hiroshima/Japan and stepping in with the melodica riffs on this one! Jah93 has also been brought forward internationally to the masses by a great variety of some of the long-standing names in the business such as Chazbo (Bush Chemists / Roots Temple), OBF Sound system (Dubquake) and has been featured by the mighty Aba Shanti-I through various productions that she has done with Ashanti Selah.