Messian Dread - Dangerous Discomixes

Messian Dread - Dangerous Discomixes  / Dubophonic Records (c) (p) 2023

The concept of a DJ chanting over a riddim and singers jumping in and out is not new, not original, not uncommon. Where many styles and genres have incorporated the concept, no one can take away the fact that this all started in Jamaica during the 1970's and even before that. No one can deny that Roots Reggae music, mixed in Dub style, is a perfect foundation for a DJ to chant over and exactly that is what you can find in the new showcase album of Messian Dread.

When the B-sides of Jamaican singles gradually changed from a mere instrumental version to a complete dub work-out by ones like King Tubby's, all of this paved the way for the maxi-singles or twelve-inch vinyl records: the extended mix containing both vocal and dub version in one long stop mix, often called discomixes.

Dangerous Discomixes honors this tradition with nine traditional discomixes, all created by Messian Dread in his Dubroom studio between the years 2014-2015. Some material was pre-recorded in studio's like ARIWA, the vocals were legally obtained and licensed, but everything was completely re-arranged and fit into original Dubroom riddims. It includes nine traditional Roots Reggae discomixes, digging deeper into the vast ocean of the vibes of Messian Dread. All tracks are original Dubroom productions. The vocals (Kojak, Horseman, Seamus, Clifton, Dillinger, U-Roy, Prince Jazzbo, Dillinger, Trinity) are legally obtained and licensed, the music and vocal arrangement created and mixed by Messian Dread with real horns, real this-and-that and of course real, authentic dub mixing.

Nine extended tracks, with the first half carrying the original Reggae riddim with full length lyrical content, followed by its dub version. Experience how dub is actually transforming a Reggae track into a spaced-out piece of ear candy.