[DUBR-702] Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos - Botanical Story & Botanical Bongo (dubplate cuts)

[DUBR-702] Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos - Botanical Story & Botanical Bongo (dubplate cuts) / Dubophonic 2023

We have been long thinking to press this "Far East dub sound of future roots" on vinyl and finally it's to drop it on a special edition 7 inch polyvinyl. It is cut on a limited run of 30 copies and it includes a special dubplate cut of the original tune back in 2021 and a special bongo dubplate cut on the b side! 

[DUBR-702] Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos - Botanical Story & Botanical Bongo (dubplate cuts)

A1. Shanti-k ft. Aki Mittoo - Botanical Story (dubplate cut)
B1. Shanti-K ft. Goja Bongos - Botanical Bongo (dubplate cut)

Only 30 copies, so don't miss it! ❤️💛💚[DUBR-702] Shanti-K / Aki Mittoo / Goja Bongos - Botanical Story & Botanical Bongo (dubplate cuts) / Dubophonic 2023

We will include with your order also a Bandcamp free download code of the original EP release of 2021!

Music & Production: Shanti-K
Melodica: Aki Mittoo
Pervussion: Goja Bongos
Mixing: Shanti-K, Kalpana Studio, Japan
Mastering: Pressure Mastering
Cutting by dubwise.it

A few words about the dub recipe, which consists of the following three ingredients, only to be found in Japan:

The Dub creator and producer Shanti-K: He Started making music in 1993. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, djembe) and producer (Kalpana Studio), he has been providing riddims for various artists, releasing tunes on vinyl and digita, producing tunes also for sound systems.

The female melodica player Aki Mittoo: Coming from the town of Aichi and already a regular on the label, she is known through her collaborations with Dub Cmd, SistaSara and Soul Fire. She has a license as a Yamaha piano instructor and a Suzuki Musical Instrument melodion instructor. her playing Style is cultivated through her experience as instrumentalist in different genres throughout the years.

The Kette drum player and manufacturer Goja Bongos: He lives in the town of Hyogo and he likes earthy music: reggae, African, afro-Cuban and Latin. Since 2015, he has been in charge of the percussion in the roots reggae band of Sister Maki, while his passion for drumming guided him to form in 2019 his own nyahbinghi project. "Goja" is a local dialect of Banshu that means "crazy"! If you enter the circle of Nyahbinghi, the drums of Goja Bongos will shake the earth with a dangerous presence.

Mikey Dub - Triumphant Riddim (ft. Clotilde, Tharara, Joby T)

Mikey Dub - Triumphant Riddim (ft. Clotilde, Tharara, Joby T) / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2023
Mikey Dub is a musician and dub producer from Portland, Oregon USA. He creates dub music by recording instruments live, programming beats, and mixing it all down “dub style” with generous amounts of effects. Inspired by 70’s and 80’s Jamaican producers, his sound is a combination of modern soundsystem dub and classic roots reggae. His songs are unique in that they fuse live instrumentation with electronic. He has been consistently active in the studio producing tunes.

Clotilde grew up around Afro Caribbean rhythms since her father was a Caribbean musician. Influenced by merengue, calypso, kompa, reggae, she started to really get into dub music when she built a sound system with her friends in Bourges town, in France. She was singer/MC in this band. Moving to UK, she got closer to Dub culture and worked with various artists as a singer, songwriter and vocalist in sound systems.
Tharara (real name Brain Phili) was born and raised in Zimbabwe in the city of Bulawayo . The name Tharara "Jahhill" means mountain.  Rastafarian and musician, he currently lives and makes music in South Africa.

Texas born Joby Tijerna’s (aka. Joby T.) musical range varies from funk, big band, classical, reggae, dub, easy listening to rock & anything else with a good groove. Driven to learn as much as he can about these wonderful vibrations we receive as music, he learned from some of the best teachers and musicians in his community throughout my life.  

Triumphant Riddim is Mikey Dub's first EP on the label featuring some great vocalists and players of instruments. It includes 5 tracks on the same riddim: 2 vocal tracks sung by Clotilde and Tharara, 2 dubs by Mikey Dub and one horns version featuring Joby T. on the trumpet.

Showcased on The Blues Dancehall Show
Bye Bye & Triumphant Horns
on Culture Dub Radio
Played on Meltin Dub
Played on 2BOB Radio (AUS)
Featured on Rootsfire
Recommended by New Music Plug
Featured on Reggae Albums
Recommended by Explorations In Dub
Played on The Dub Zone
Recommended by Rasta Respect

Culture Horn & Sammy Gold - Jah Creator

Culture Horn & Sammy Gold - Jah Creator / Dubophonic 2023

Culture Horn Sound System return with a brand-new EP entitled Jah Creator

For this release, the heavyweight sound system from the town of Kremenki in the Kaluga region in Russia, teams up with the mighty Sammy Gold to deliver a fresh vibe!  

Sammy Gold has been in the scene since the late 70s, when he started as a toaster and later in the 80s as a singer. Getting his influence from artists like Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller and Rod Taylor, he worked with many producers like Rus Muffet, Ras Kuntus and High Elements releasing music on Roots Injection, Cubiculo Records and many other labels.

Jah Creator is offered for free download from Bandcamp. As it usual in most of the releases of Culture Horn, the first composition is in a dubplate style and the second composition is the main track. Each track includes the obligatory dub version. The compositions were recorded back in 2016 and since then they have been played on various dances and streamed in radio broadcasts.

The EP is dedicated to Jah and his deeds. Peace and love to all. 

Showcased on The Blues Dancehall Show
Higher Melodica on On The Wire Radio
Featured on Rootsfire
Played on Space Is The Place radio show / Cando FM (UK)
Recommended by Reggae Revellers
Higher Melodica on Stinky Grooves / 98b  FM (AUS)
Dubplate Style added to Spotify: Dub (New Music 2023)
Dubplate Style added to Spotify: 🇯🇲 Ska | Rocksteady | Reggae | Dub #INITY 🇯🇲
Dubplate Style & Higher Melodica on Sounds Of the Caribbean
On rotation on My Indie Radio (FR)
On rotation on Pigpen Radio (UK)
Featured on Rootfire (July 24)
Recommended by Riddim World
Recommended by Rastarespect
Played on Radio Excaliber

Dub Idren ft. I-niverse - From the Dawn of Creation

Dub Idren ft. I-niverse - From the Dawn of Creation / Dubophonic 2023
One year after the release of Mystical Valley, the outernational dub duo of Colombian melodica player Dub Idren and UK producer I-niverse return in 2023 with another new single entitled From The Dawn Of Creation.

Dub Idren: Reggae artist located in Colombia. This project was born in 2019, with the aim of merging Caribbean reggae with sounds from his land, to give an experience full of delight and rhythm for extremely fine ears, manifesting through deep melodies a unique sensation, which will make you connect with your inner self in a mental and spiritual way, with a powerful energy that transmits the message of unity.

I-niverse: Selector and roots, reggae dub producer spreading the message of peace, love & unification through the works. I-niverse’s sound takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey, driven by pulsating weighty bass lines and majestic melodies that send positive vibrations to the heart and help one to experience states of inner peace. Hailing from the UK, I-niverse has releases with the likes of Earl 16, Amelia Harmony, Sista Sherin, Don Hartley, Zion Irie and Murray Man’s Mellow Vibes Label. He is now currently working on numerous projects with artists both from the UK and overseas.