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Munay Ki Dub - Action [DUB038]

Munay Ki Dub - Action / (c) (p) Dubophonic 2021
Munay Ki Dub is an electronic dub trio, representing a new breed of dub artists. Hailing up from the mountains of central Argentina, they combine live instruments such as violin, melodica, percussion, bass and guitar with programming, effects and digital instruments. The name comes from the South American Quechua language and means “I Love Dub”. 

In September 2019, Munay Ki Dub released their debut EP “MKD” with  Dubophonic Records, lyrically using the English and Spanish languages as a form of political expression and social awareness/consciousness, musically gliding between digital roots reggae, dub & bass and steppa. Within the first few weeks of its release, MKD was sounding out on radios in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Israel, Hawaii, Finland, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Holland, France, Australia, Canada and the US.
Munay Ki Dub

2020 was a key year for Munay Ki Dub as it saw the band presenting its debut EP at renowned music festival Cosquín Rock 2020, and being chosen by the national newspaper Página12 as one of the best young artists on the festival line-up, alongside artists such as Wos, Duki, Sara Hebe, Mon Laferte and Nathy Peluso.

In May 2020, due to the restrictions, Munay Ki Dub decided to embark on its Cyber Space Tour 2020 which has seen the band participate in online festivals across South America, Asia and Europe, generating interest in local, national and international media including the BBC (UK), Página 12 (AR), La Voz del Interior (AR), and Pelagatos (regional).

Mid-way through 2020, Munay Ki Dub was nominated for the Rootstock Awards in France, having being selected by the jury alongside 23 artists from all over the world. As a result of the public vote, Munay Ki Dub emerged as winners of the Artist Awards 2020.

Munay Ki Dub
In September, the band held its own streaming event MKD CLUB which attracted thousands of viewers from across the globe. MKD CLUB was subsequently awarded a national arts prize by La Usina del Arte as one of the best streaming shows during the pandemic.

In June 2021, the band released a remix of Bad Bablyon by French producer Thriakis.

Currently Munay Ki Dub is preparing to release their new EP “Groove of Meditation” with Dubophonic Records, recorded in the mythical Los Angeles studio in Traslasierra, Córdoba, Argentina, with technical production support from renowned sound engineer Felix Valls.

Action is the first single and is available on all digital platforms. Deep textures, booming bass, dubby distortions, introspective lyrics that take you to the very groove of meditation.

Debbie Gold plays Action on Outerglobe Radio / Resonance FM
Played by Ras Dany on More Reggae 
Opening track on Dub Palace /After FM
Reggae Burning Etxea plays Action
Played by Selecta Jerry on Sounds Of The Caribbean

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Shanti-K meets Sister Maki - Revolution [DUB036]

Shanti-K meets Sister Maki - Revolution (c) (p) Dubhonic Records

More vibes coming from the land of the rising sun. After Botanical Story/Rudies released last year, the soundsystem family crew from Japan returns with a new composition and with a strong female representation! 

Produced by Shanti-K, the new track is entitled Revolution and it is presented on this virtual 12inch in four different versions: The title track with Sister Maki on the vocals, the obligatory dub version by Shanti-K, a special instrumental version with Aki Mittoo on the melodica and the female musician Oryo on the violin, and finally a violin/melodica dub by Shanti-K. and with Goja Bongos on the percussion.

CREDITS// Music & Production: Shanti-K / Vocals & Lyrics: Sister Maki (vocals recorded by Steve Fox (Godiego) @ Fox Pro Studio, JP) / Violin: Oryo / Melodica: Aki Mittoo / Percussion: Goja Bongos / Mixing & Mastering: Shanti-K, Kalpana Studio, Japan 


01 Revolution / 02 Revolution Dub / 03 Melodica & Violin Cut / 04 Melodica & Violin Dub

Revolution & Violin & Melodica Cut on Reggae Burning  Etxea
Revolution & Violin & Melodica Cut on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Revolution played on Pressure Drop / Pigpen Radio
Reviewed by Culture Dub  
Reviewed by Kultur Media
Reviewed by Belgian reggae portal

Stefanosis - Eastward Journey Dubs [DUB035]

Stefanosis - Eastwad Journey Dubs / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2021
Stefanosis, the Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and producer, who has been crafting his musical art for over two decades, returns with his new release entitled Eastward Journey Dubs.

The EP consists of four underground reggae/dubwise dubplates, all inspired by the artist’s journey to the far east. 
The unmistakable sound of Stefanosis, which was present in his two previous releases, is also in this release to be heard, where roots reggae fuses with eastern melodies!


01 Mount Kailash / 02 A Vast Version / 03 Herbal Hiking / 04 The Watchers
Mount Kailash on Espaco Zion
Mount Kailash on Time To Roots
Peter Cogle includes A Vast Verrsion in The Dub Zone
Recommended by Dubblog
Herbal Hiking on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Mount Kailash
on Warren Roots / Flirt FM Ireland

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - In Love With Righteousness / 2005-2014 Best Dubs Compilation [DPH049]

Muflon Dub Soundsystem - In Love with Righteousness / Dubophonic (p) 2021
Muflon Dub Soundsystem is a musical project from Poland, delivering positive Dub and Roots Reggae inspired sounds since early 2000s, with a modern approach, lightweight harmonies, heavy drum and bass lines, simplicity with a touch of poetry, creative ideas with conscious message. 
The album In Love With Righteousness is a compilation of their best Dub tracks, recorded between 2005 and 2014. We can hear the evolution of their style and some of the most characteristic features of their sound (mellow vibe, steady riddim, catchy basslines, thrilling vocal lines). Most of the tracks of the compilation are included in their previous releases, which are available for free through their webpage and also on their Jamendo and Bandcamp page.
The album includes also Showered Ina Jah Jah Rain Dub, a previously unreleased Dub version of the tune of the same name, appearing on the album Everland. Actually, many of the songs from this compilation have their Reggae counterparts with mellow vocals and conscious lyrics, to be found in different past releases of Muflon Dub Soundsystem. What they all have in common, is the message: got to be in love with Righteousness!

01. Dream / 02. In Love With Righteousness / 03. Psalm 103 Dub / 04. Hopeful Dub / 05. He Is Alive In Dub / 06. Beatyfikowany Dub / 07. Showered Ina Jah Jah Rain Dub / 08. Jah Mettez Dub Of Dubs ft. Marcus Style / 09. What A Ting Dub / 10. Babylon System feat. Puppa V
Reviewed by Kultur Media
What a Ting Dub on Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber
on Espaco Zion
Showcased on El Cant De La Xitxarra
In Love With Righteousness on Warren Roots / Flirt FM Ireland
Reviewed by Dubroom
What A Ting
on Higher Reasoning Reggae Time 
In Love With Righteousness on Espacio Zion
Recommended by Dub-a-Rebel
Recommended by Dubblog
Showered Ina Jah Jah Rain Dub
on Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber
Babylon System & Dream
on Dubocalypse
Babylon System feat. Puppa V on Culture Dub Radio Show France
Dj Blood Preshah plays Dream on Dub Palace  USA
Recommended by Kultur Media Indonesia
Meltin' Dub plays Jah Metez Dub Of Dubz
Recommended by Reggae Revellers

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