SistaSara - You Step, I Dub [DUB045]

SistaSara - I Step, You Dub / Dubophonic Records (c) (p) 2022
The Italian female music producer SistaSara returns in 2022 with a new EP. She was born in Venice, Italy, with Italian mother & Nigerian father. She started as a session drummer and backing vocalist in numerous bands and projects in Italy from 1995 till 2003. In Spring 2003 she moved to London, UK, where she began studying music production. The London Dub scene was a crucial influence in her music development and it is a core factor in her music identity.

She has already a few releases on Dubophonic Records: as a solo artist (Soul Stepper, Explorations In Dub Vol.2 / Lockdown Dub) and a few EPs collaborating with Dub Cmd (Deeper Understanding, Leaving Babylon Behind, Follow The  Bassline) her new EP entitled You Step, I Dub is the first release of 2022 and it is a showcase of her very personal style, influenced by UK Stepper, PsyDub and Trip Hop. It is presented in three different cuts and is available from all online music stores and streaming platforms.

“And you step and I dub and the pressure goes up, yeah mmm
And I dub and you step then it’s time to reset, yeah
And you step and I dub and the pressure goes up, yeah mmm
And I dub and you step then it’s time to reset, yeah
Rewind / Come again / Reset and go / With the flow / Burning snow
Tears in a row, millions of them, heartbreaks heart takes
Humanity / I long for unity /
Unity / Give me some unity
Let the delay lead the way / That’s what I say / again and again /I’ve been saying it
Were you hearing it / Are you feeling / or simply getting it cause it’s not the same
Let the delay lead the way / That’s what I say / again and again”

Credits: Music & Lyrics by Sara Fuga / Produced and Mixed by Sara Fuga / Mastered by Dubmatix / Artwork by Sara Fuga

01 I Step, You Dub / 02 You Dub, I Fly / 03 You Fly, I Ascend

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Dub Idren ft. I-niverse - Roots Strong [DUB044]

Dub Idren ft. I-niverse - Roots Strong [DUB044] Dubophonic Records (c) 2021

Roots Strong is a powerful instrumental tune and it is the last release of 2021 on the label. Produced by the UK producer I-niverse and the Colombian melodica player Dub Idren, it is presented in two versions. This is the last release of 2021 and it will be available on all online stores & streaming platforms.

Dub Idren: Reggae artist located in Colombia. This project was born in 2019, with the aim of merging Caribbean reggae with sounds from his land, to give an experience full of delight and rhythm for extremely fine ears, manifesting through deep melodies a unique sensation, which will make you connect with your inner self in a mental and spiritual way, with a powerful energy that transmits the message of unity.

I-niverse: Selector and roots, reggae dub producer spreading the message of peace, love & unification through the works. I-niverse’s sound takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey, driven by pulsating weighty bass lines and majestic melodies that send positive vibrations to the heart and help one to experience states of inner peace. Hailing from the UK, I-niverse has releases with the likes of Earl 16, Amelia Harmony, Sista Sherin, Zion Irie and Murray Man’s Mellow Vibes.

01 Roots Strong / 02 Roots Strong Dub

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Roadblock Dub Collective - Suwarnadub [DUB043]

Roadblock Dub Collective - Suwarnadub / Dubophonic (c) (p) 2021
Mid 2000s saw the beginning of the Roadblock Dub Collective. At that time, Iday & Sam settled in the same residence for their work at a local production house in the city of Tanjungkarang (Lampung). They had previously known each other, as fellow musicians from the Lampung scene. Iday is one of the founders of “Pimps,” the first Industrial outfit in Lampung. Together with “Pimps” he had released an album titled “Set Lampung on Fire!” in 2000. Meanwhile, Sam previously was a member of “Shooter Water,” Rocksteady-Ska music unit that is part of the “Pelita Crew” (one of the melting pots for many Lampung musicians in the late 1990s) and he released an album called “As Steady As A Rock” in 2001.

Roadblock Dub Collective was born after they used to share playlists between their working hours. Also shared insights into music production as part of their current job. Starting from the use of software, to the flow of a composition. They had released several bootlegs and remixes which were often played by local DJs at that time. Until 2009, they released their first single “Youth Culture“. A single that later brought them connected with many electronic music and Jamaican sound scenesters in the country.

The single “Youth Culture” itself indirectly encouraged them to have more intense interactions with several bedroom electronic musicians/producers in Lampung. Collectively, they often hold sets of electronic shows in various places, from music workshops at school to headliners at the biggest rave in Lampung at that time, The Beats Of Sumatera.

Having been on hiatus due to Iday & Sam moving out to different cities, Roadblock Dub Collective has just re-released their works “Mukadimah” (2015), and “Rua Jurai Echoes” (2016) for free and limited. Having held an independent mini tour in 2017, they released “Dutty Bizness” with InBassion Recs (Bass music label from Bogota, Colombia).

At this moment, Roadblock Dub Collective often shares the stage with many Indonesian dub acts, from the likes of Mantasticmate, Anjing Dub, Baxlaxboy, Radit Echoman, and Yella Sky Sound System. Together with these names they were also involved in a various artist album project; “Nusantara Dub Connection” in 2019. In this project Roadblock Dub Collective released “Intercity Dub“. Then, in June 2020, they released the single set “Sepinggungan/Russ” a collaboration with Terranova Waksman and Oddateee, a release supported by 100ribu recs. Still in the same year, Roadblock Dub Collective was involved in other various artist album projects. This time a project initiated by “Echo Chambers” (one of the oldest reggae radio shows in the United States) in collaboration with Dandada Records, a cutting edge dub music imprint from Portugal. In the project “Echo Chamber – Around The World In Dub Vol 11 & 12“, Roadblock released “Puaghi 45” along with many Dub acts worldwide.

Their first ep on Dubophonic Records is entitled Suwarnadub and it consists of six tracks: two vocal tracks (Ngelajau Dub & Achtung! Ghetto Lioness) in a fine style fusing Dancehal with Hip Hop, two dub mixes and two live dub mixes by the rising Cypriot dubmaster Sub Conscious Dub.

CREDITS: Ngelajau Dub: Vocals recorded at GMC Studio - Jakarta, engineered by Yulius Samiaji./ Electric Guitars by Andry Karnegie, recorded at Jiung Room 07 Studio - Jakarta, engineered by himself / Brass Section by Iriawan Wijaya, recorded at AD Studio - Palembang, engineered by Jemi Delvian / Contains a portion of ‘Tepik Tanggungan’ performed by Hila Hambala./ Mixed by Tegi Merkuri at SuaraSuku - Jakarta / Achtung! Ghetto Lioness: Vocals recorded at SuaraSuku - Jakarta, engineered by Ben Gunawi / Mixed by Ben Gunawi at SuaraSuku - Jakarta / Remixes: 3 & 4 Reconstructed by Roadblock Hi-Fi at Harmony Inn - Yogyakarta / 5 & 6 Live Dub Mix by Sub Conscious Dub at Tumbana Studio - Cyprus / Ngelajau Dub written by Hidayat Surodijoyo & Yulius Samiaji / Achtung! Ghetto Lioness written by Yulius Samiaji & Hidayat Surodijoyo / Produced by Roadblock Dub Collective / Artworks & photos by Nugroho Arif Prabowo / Mastered by Sub Conscious Dub at Tumbana Studio - Cyprus.


01 Ngelajau Dub / 02 Achtung! Ghetto Lioness / 03 Ngelajau Dub (Tahtim Mix) / 04 Achtung! Ghetto Lioness (Khesek Mix) / 05 Sub Conscious Dub - Ngelajau Dub (Tahtim Live Dub Mix) / 06 Sub Conscious Dub - Achtung! Ghetto Lioness (Khesek Live Dub Mix) 

Acgtung! Ghetto Lioness on Pete Cogle's PCP
Achtung! Ghetto Lioness on Espaco Zion
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Achtung! Ghetto Lioness (Khesek Mix) on El Cant De La Xitxarra
Ngelajau Dub
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Achtung! Ghetto Lioness and Ngelajau Dub
Reggae Burning Extea
Achtung! Ghetto Liones on Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber
Achtung! Ghetto Lioness & Live Dub Mix
on Culture Dub Radio
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Messian Dread - Maranatha (dub & discomix) [DPH050]

Messian Dread - Maranatha (dub & discomix) Dubophonic Records (c) (p) 2021

Introducing Messian Dread, a versatile personality from the Netherlands: Producer, singer, player of instruments, writer, reviewer, selector, and editor/webmaster of, perhaps the longest running platform/netlabel, that promotes Dub Reggae and Consciousness" since 1997, where many artists have contributed to throughout the decades.

Somewhere in 1979-1980 Messian Dread discovered Reggae and especially the Dub variety. He was around 15 at that time and everything was quite different. The music and the sound was new, back then. You had the Mad Professor dubbing everyone crazy, the Scientist was introduced in the now legendary Greensleeves series. It was also the time of the extended versions aka Discomixes.

Early 1987, Messian Dread started a band and also began to experiment with dub, his great musical love. In 1997, ten years after he started to make music, Messian Dread started to publish his music world-wide through the Internet. Nowadays this seems a very normal and typical way to promote music, but back in those days with no Facebook or Soundcloud, it was not. In fact, it was frowned upon. Messian Dread can therefore be considered a pioneer in what has become normal now: independent artists producing their Dub & Reggae music online, from their heart to the heart of the listener.

His music has been played worldwide, throughout the decades. Next to his own Dubroom Label, the first chapter in the "Roots of Dub Funk" series had a quite successful track called "Jah Glory", an album called "Showcase" was released through Star Recordings and the "Dub Buds" (Phoenix Records) compilation had a track called "Transgenics Dub. Until today one of the hardest Steppa compilations ever released. or at least an online cult classic.

The music of Messian Dread is Roots Reggae. Even though he produces his music in a digital way, you'll hear his own roots are in the 1980's. Roots Reggae in the orthodox way, with conscious lyrics that often leave no question mark but definitely food for thought … and dub! It is very hard to find a vocal tune from Messian Dread and no Dub version that comes with it. In fact, one could say that Messian Dread is keeping the tradition of the 'Discomixes' where you'll get a vocal track and Dub version in one long mix alive. His obsession with long mixes comes from the 1980's you remember them too, the 12" versions, and he has always loved the extended versions in Reggae and also in the electronic music.

Maranatha was originally released in 2007 as a free download and we are proud to present you a (F)re(e)-issue of the track as an introduction to Messian Dread’s works and as an appetizer for the releases to follow. Tune starts with Dub and militant vibe and ends with the vocals. The track was definitely inspired by the so called riots which are really uprisings that were going on in 2006. Even more today.

Roots Reggae sounds best when it is mixed in the good way. The best way to mix Roots Reggae is in Dubwise style. Messian Dread's music is pure conscious Roots Reggae, mixed with the purpose of feeling the vibe always in a deeper and deeper way the more you listen. Music to listen to. To experience. 

CREDITS: Composed, written and produced by Messian Dread, Vocals by Messian Dread, Cover artwork by Messian Dread

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Munay Ki Dub - Groove Of Meditation [DUB042]

Munay Ki Dub - Groove Of Meditation / Dubophonic Records (c) (p) 2021
Munay Ki Dub is an electronic dub trio, representing a new breed of dub artists. Hailing up from the mountains of central Argentina, they combine live instruments such as violin, melodica, percussion, bass and guitar with programming, effects and digital instruments. The name comes from the South American Quechua language and means “I Love Dub”.

In September 2019, Munay Ki Dub released their debut EP “MKD” with European dub label Dubophonic Records, lyrically using the English and Spanish languages as a form of political expression and social awareness/consciousness, musically gliding between digital roots reggae, dub & bass and steppa. Within the first few weeks of its release, MKD was sounding out on radios in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Israel, Hawaii, Finland, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Holland, France, Australia, Canada and the US.

This is their new EP “Groove of Meditation", which includes four new tracks. It is recorded in the mythical Los Angeles studio in Traslasierra, Córdoba, Argentina, with technical production support from renowned sound engineer Felix Valls.

Munay Ki Dub are Rebecca Clements (vocals, violin, melodica, keyboard and percussion), Alejo González (programming, keyboard, bass, effects and vocals) and Roby Torcello (guitar).

01 Action / 02 Gayatri Dub / 03 One Love Dub / 04 Sueños 

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Action in the Best Of 2021 by Saetchmo
on High Times
One Love Dub
on Reggae Arte Radio / Arte Prefers
One Love Dub
on El Cant De La Xitxarra
Gayatri Dub
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Action & One Love Dub
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One Love Dub
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Article published in La Voz press
Showcased by Tuffy G on The Blues Dancehall Show
Gayatri Dub on Sounds Of The Caribbean 
Gayatri Dub on 2BOB Radio with Sista Selecta (Australia)
Nuff Respect Felix Valls
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One Love Dub
on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Recommended by Jah Billah
Reviewed by  the Argentinian portal Reggae.Com.Ar


Eter Dub - Eternally Wise [DUB041]

Eter Dub - Eternally Wise  (c) (p) Dubophonic 2021Eter Dub was founded by the dub master Federico Balza, in Mendoza (Argentina), a graduated musician from the Universidad Nacionalde de Cuyo with studies on classical flute and member of the OrquestRa Sinfonica Juvenil (1st flute) in Argentina. As saxophonist (tenor/alt), flutist and keyboard player he collaborated with many reggae, dub and hip-hop bands like Zona Ganjah, Downbeat and Negritage touring around the independent scene of Latin America.

After releasing his first album back in 2016, entitled In Da Name Of Jah and is collaboration with Negritage on Greetings From Planet Dub, Eter Dub returns five years later with his brand new EP.

Eternally Wise offers a new fresh breeze in dub music. Just like his previous album, his sound is referencing to his background in classical music, with flute being the main instrument in his new ep.

Being accompanied by some great musicians on the oboe, guitar and drums, Eter Dub delivers four tracks of extended length, the longest being Chilling All Day Dub with over 10 minutes of length. Magical melodies and uplifting vibes, originality and an alternative approach to dub music – This is the sound of Eter Dub!

CREDITS: Drums: Di-Style / Guitars: Mauro Vergara / Oboe: Maria Jose Caballero / Flute, Sax, Keys & Dub Master: Federico Balza / Mix & Master: Denegri Records & Federico Balza. / Special Thanks: To Jah for de guidance and company along the way.

01 Eternally Wise / 02 Weed With Dub Love / 03 Dub Seshan 2 / 04 Chillin' All Day Dub

Weed With Dub Love on Sounds Of The Caribbean
Weed With Dub Love
on Dr Strangedub's Echo Chamber
All Day Dub
on High Times
Showcased by Tuffy G on The Blues Dancehall Show
Eternally Wise
on R&D Vibes
Weed With Dub Love
on Espaco Zion
Eternally Wise
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Weed With Dub Love
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Weed With Dub Lov
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Eternally Wise on Meltin' Dub
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Showcased on Reggae Burning Etxea
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Eternally Wise on Sounds Of The Caribbean With Selecta Jerry
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Weed With Dub Love
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Top 5 in the Hearthis dub chart
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Showased on El Cant De La Xitxarra
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