The Dubbstyle - Slow

The Dubbstyle - Slow (c) Dubophonic Records 2020
Having already two releases in Dubophonic Records, Simona in 2015 and Sun Is Dub in 2019, and a few participations in various compilations, the brothers Mauro and Federico Salina aka The Dubbstyle from Mentoza, Argentina, continue their dub journey in 2020 with a new album entitled Slow! It includes seven new tunes exploring different aspects of dub music

With their very distinct stage presence, staying anonymous to the public and the originality of their sound, their new album is a proof of their musical evolution through each and every dub work. Let yourself be carried away in their musical dub adventure!

01 King / 02 Coatlaxopeuh / 03 Slow / 04 Miths 11 / 05 Magic / 06 Dub Picante / 07 Raices
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