Messian Dread - Maranatha (dub & discomix)

Messian Dread - Maranatha (dub & discomix) Dubophonic Records (c) (p) 2021

Introducing Messian Dread, a versatile personality from the Netherlands: Producer, singer, player of instruments, writer, reviewer, selector, and editor/webmaster of, perhaps the longest running platform/netlabel, that promotes Dub Reggae and Consciousness" since 1997, where many artists have contributed to throughout the decades.

Somewhere in 1979-1980 Messian Dread discovered Reggae and especially the Dub variety. He was around 15 at that time and everything was quite different. The music and the sound was new, back then. You had the Mad Professor dubbing everyone crazy, the Scientist was introduced in the now legendary Greensleeves series. It was also the time of the extended versions aka Discomixes.

Early 1987, Messian Dread started a band and also began to experiment with dub, his great musical love. In 1997, ten years after he started to make music, Messian Dread started to publish his music world-wide through the Internet. Nowadays this seems a very normal and typical way to promote music, but back in those days with no Facebook or Soundcloud, it was not. In fact, it was frowned upon. Messian Dread can therefore be considered a pioneer in what has become normal now: independent artists producing their Dub & Reggae music online, from their heart to the heart of the listener.

His music has been played worldwide, throughout the decades. Next to his own Dubroom Label, the first chapter in the "Roots of Dub Funk" series had a quite successful track called "Jah Glory", an album called "Showcase" was released through Star Recordings and the "Dub Buds" (Phoenix Records) compilation had a track called "Transgenics Dub. Until today one of the hardest Steppa compilations ever released. or at least an online cult classic.

The music of Messian Dread is Roots Reggae. Even though he produces his music in a digital way, you'll hear his own roots are in the 1980's. Roots Reggae in the orthodox way, with conscious lyrics that often leave no question mark but definitely food for thought … and dub! It is very hard to find a vocal tune from Messian Dread and no Dub version that comes with it. In fact, one could say that Messian Dread is keeping the tradition of the 'Discomixes' where you'll get a vocal track and Dub version in one long mix alive. His obsession with long mixes comes from the 1980's you remember them too, the 12" versions, and he has always loved the extended versions in Reggae and also in the electronic music.

Maranatha was originally released in 2007 as a free download and we are proud to present you a (F)re(e)-issue of the track as an introduction to Messian Dread’s works and as an appetizer for the releases to follow. Tune starts with Dub and militant vibe and ends with the vocals. The track was definitely inspired by the so called riots which are really uprisings that were going on in 2006. Even more today.

Roots Reggae sounds best when it is mixed in the good way. The best way to mix Roots Reggae is in Dubwise style. Messian Dread's music is pure conscious Roots Reggae, mixed with the purpose of feeling the vibe always in a deeper and deeper way the more you listen. Music to listen to. To experience. 

CREDITS: Composed, written and produced by Messian Dread, Vocals by Messian Dread, Cover artwork by Messian Dread