Dutchie Gold meets Kaleya - Been There And Seen

Dutchie Gold meets Kaleya  Been There And seen [DUB049] (c) (p) Dubophonic 2022
Kaleya was born in Athens, Greece and started his music journey as a guitarist. He has been involved in various bands and projects, such as Bongo Tchaka, Musinair, Kilimanjaro and as a bass player in Remi & The Road and Los Dos O Mas. He is aslo DJ playing at various reggae/dub events and is a member of Reggaewise Selectors, Origins Soundsystem and Bliondy’s Mini Sound. In 2018, he started hosting his own podcast Kosmos Dub Factory on Kosmos FM, one of the most popular radio stations in Greece.

Dutchie Gold was born in Mandeville/Jamaica and started working with the sound systems of his neighborhood as a teenager. He worked with Junior Reid, Shaggy Dread, General Trees, Professor Nuts & more. His recording career started in 1991 with Gold Gun and followed by works with Junior Reid label, The Washington DC based label 2 Tuff, and the legendary New York sound system/ label Massive B. In 1994, he recorded his first album entitled Dutchie Gold in Germany, which led him to work with artists like Error Dunkley, Michael Prophet, Nado Ranks & others. Further tracks were released on German Reggae Compilations and in 2006 he released the album Mission To Righteousness.

Wosui is the Deep Dub solo project of Gabriel Mentis (Reggaewise, Urban Danja), born in 1987 and based in Athens, Greece. Having a classical music studies background, playing the violin and participating in school bands, he discovered cubase and started making his own beats. From 2008 to 2018 he was the member Dub Riots alongside iGL, a Reggae-Dub producing and live duo. In 2012 he started the project Wosui, a journey to the world of deep echoes, dub and soundsystem aesthetics, along with low frequencies basslines. He has released music for labels such as Dub Communication, Iron Shirt, Dubophonic, Indigo Movement and others. He has organized many events and headlined all over Greece, including international guests such as Radikal Guru, Leon Switch, Mexican Stepper, Skarra Mucci and many others.

Dutchie and Kaleya met in 2020 when Dutchie visited Greece for an event with El Paso Soundsystem. The night before the event, they recorded the track at Bliondy’s Sound Station. The following months, 2 dub versions were created, following the original version. Wosui then joined the family to produce a remix and a dub version of the original track.  

Produced by Dimitris Lappas / Vocals & Lyrics : Allen Devon Anthony / Mastered by Gabriel Mentis / Cover art by: Lila Frenopoulou / Cover photo by: Mayo Darling / Special thanks goes to: Donnie Dub & the El Paso Family, Bliondy, George Spiris, Mayo Darling, Sophia Bouchama.